BT Daily: Waiting for the “Great Society”

[Darris McNeely] We all know what a mirror is. We hold it up, and we look into it, and we see our reflection. It’s a very interesting device that we use virtually every day. You know, the Word of God and certain scriptures are like a mirror as well. When we read them, we’re reading […]

“The Press in a Free Society” by Ayn Rand

miss ran very happy to have you with us again our subject this week is the role of the press and let me begin by asking you what ought to be the role of the press in a free society on the broadest sense of the world the press means all media of communication as […]

14. Nietzsche on Power, Knowledge and Morality

Prof: Okay, now today we move–basically we move into the twentieth century. And there is a lot of similarity between the three authors we will be discussing: Nietzsche, Freud and Max Weber. You know, Durkheim will be a somewhat different kind of story. But all–I mean, Nietzsche, of course, died in 1900, but he was […]

Nietzsche and Morality: The Higher Man and The Herd

in the preface to his classic work on the genealogy of morality Nietzsche wrote what if the regressive trait lurked in the good man likewise a danger an enticement a poison a narcotic so that the present lived at the expense of the future perhaps in more comfort and less danger but also in a […]

Can We Still Get Into The Good Place? – Ethics in Modern Society

Eleanor, come on in. This is Eleanor, and she is about to receive some important news. You, Eleanor Shellstrop, are dead. You’re life on Earth has ended and you’re now in the next phase of your existence in the universe. Generally speaking, in the afterlife, there’s a good place and there’s a bad place. You’re […]