for KING & COUNTRY – Shoulders (Official Music Video)

I look up to the mountains Does my strength comes from the mountains? No My strength comes from God Who made heaven and Earth and the mountains When confusion’s my companion and despair holds me for ransom I will feel no fear I know that you are near When I’m caught deep in the valley […]

Official Trailer Kin Rivera Jr – Live Drumming (HD)

To dream is not a challenge But making those dreams a reality Wow, that is the greatest challenge But I have to say, that I am who I am… thanks to all of you! Because even if we haven’t met I have nothing but love and respect for you Thanks to your support, your trust, […]

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY (Zakk Wylde) live in Lithuania, 2015

Great quality shows:

Strawman – Colin Surname (based on Starman by David Bowie)

I was debating on the internet. I hadn’t lost all my patience yet, But then an argument was made that got me quite upset. They tried to take me down with a dirty move. Said I was wrong, and they showed me “proof” Misrepresenting all I’d said so I would lose. It’s a Strawman, waiting […]

Cosplay – Colin Surname (Coldplay’s The Scientist)

Making a cosplay, Making-up my face, To look like an anime star. But I’m not Asian; I’m just a Gaijin. A white boy who’s trying too hard. Stitching up clothing, Needles and scissors, Who knew that sewing was hard? Pin it together; Plastic and leather. Everything’s falling apart. Low-budget wigs are so cheesy. Contact lenses? […]

Colin Surname – Anime Geek (Radiohead’s Creep)

It started when I was young. I saw Castle in the Sky. Now, fifteen years later, I’m in this for life. If you haven’t seen Death Note, You don’t know me at all. Don’t come any nearer: I’m watching Akira. I’m an anime geek; Another weeaboo, With Hetalia DVDs, And my own Soul Gem. I’m […]