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D&D 5e Modern Campaign Storyboard (Greenfield:) Lane Gets a Gift

Evelyn: Oh yeah Lane I got a gift for you. Lane: Okaaaaaaay? [Christmas music plays from furby] Evelyn: Um, it’s from your Uncle? Lane: Hold on you saw my Uncle?? Evelyn: He stopped by the arcade. Lane: He didn’t stop by to see us at all… Lane: How’d he know I knew you? I didn’t- […]

Стив танцует целый 1 час под самую разную музыку [Майнкрафт]

How choral singing can unite a community

It’s a great thing where you bring people together and you can express yourself in so many different ways. It makes you feel as if you are part of something that’s much bigger and you get this huge feeling of excitement and enlightenment from it. The chorus are a really amazing and very special community. […]

Blue Habits | Episode 3: Trinidad | Oceanic Society

(waves crashing) (flickering) (zoom) (waves crashing) (tranquil flute music) – [Trevor] It was pitch black. The waves are crashing. You’re walking, and out of nowhere comes this creature. (waves crashing) (tranquil flute music) There’s a very, very small window every year when these amazing turtles migrate back down from Canada, and they nest on the […]

Watch This Family Take A Holiday Card Photo Inside A Human-Sized Snow Globe

– Now that Thanksgiving’s over, families across the country are officially freaking out about creating that perfect holiday card. Y’all freakin’ out, are you freakin’ out? You should be freaking out, if they’re not good enough yet. I haven’t seen them, but I’m pretty sure, cause you didn’t sound solidly excited. But we found one […]

[FREE] Big Baby Tape x Rich The Kidd Type Trap Beat 2019

The Artist’s Role in the Community: Six Perspectives

I’m Andrew Bird and I’m a songwriter, violinist. My name is Alexis Immarino and I’m a community artist based in East Baltimore. I’m Jim Ballinger, Director of the Phoenix Art Museum. My name is Barbara Ernst Prey. I am a painter. I paint large watercolors. My name is Mike Weber and I’m a mixed-media artist […]


They are so powerful they have a country named after them. They are The Saud Family of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship managed by democracy core group of maybe fifteen to thirty princes that are really controlling the final decision on everything a kingdom the size of Western Europe with a quarter of […]

the raid scene from the society ON CRACK

*harry potter theme EAR RAPE* ♪ i’ve been waiting, i’ve been waiting, i’ve been waiting ♪ *wii theme EAR RAPE* JESUS CHRIST (from Inception) jesus christ, grizz where have you been?! I’M GAY okay i slept trought my alarm.. it’s really- PRE-dawn raid means PRE-dawn i know, i KNOW yeah man, it’s like.. POST-dawn rn […]