How to Add and Change a Profile Photo

In this video, we’ll review how to add and change a photo on your family tree. Adding photos to your tree will enrich the overall quality of your family’s site and help you preserve important family photos for future generations. Find the person whose picture you want to add and click on the camera icon […]

How to Find Your Family in Newspapers with SuperSearch

– If you’re in need of a Norwegian translation, I’m told that there are headsets in the back of the room, so you can grab one of those to get your translation. Welcome everyone, I am very happy to be here in Oslo, my very first time to Scandinavia, and it’s been such a pleasure. […]

How to Use Smart Matches™

In this video, we’ll explain what Smart Matches™ are and how they are a valuable resource that can help enrich your family history research. When a Smart Match™ is found, you’ll see a green icon on the top of a person’s card in your family tree. We’ll also send you an email letting you know […]

New Features on the MyHeritage Mobile App

hello and welcome to the my heritage webinar series I’m Jeff Rasmussen your host broadcasting to you live from webinar headquarters in Middleton Idaho today we have Guy supa who is with us live at my heritage headquarters in or Yehuda Israel for his class my heritage mobile app new features so thanks to guy […]

Connect With Lost Relatives- DNA Kit Review & Tutorial

You are watching Ancestry Review, brought to you by Thetop10sites. A question that each of us asks ourselves at least once in our life is, “Where did I come from?” Now you can find the answer with a simple Ancestry DNA test. All you have to do is order your test kit on Ancestry’s website […]

How to Invite People to Your Family Tree

In this video, we’ll show you how to invite people to your family site and manage their settings once you’ve invited them. Inviting relatives to your family tree is a great way to collaborate and share your family history research. To invite someone and add them as a member on your site, click on their […]

How to Change the Name of Your Family Site and Family Tree

MyHeritage automatically names your family site and family tree, but you may want to customize these names. In this video, will explain how you can change the name of your family site or tree to the name of your choosing. When you log into your MyHeritage account, you’ll see your family site homepage, which displays […]

How to Connect and Disconnect Individuals in Your Family Tree

In this video, we’ll review how to connect and disconnect individuals in your family tree. As you conduct your research, you may discover new information about the relationships between people in your family tree, and you’ll want to update your family tree based on this new information. You may discover that you need to connect […]

DNA RESULTS SHOCK (New Zealander) | Am I Still “Not Even French”?!

Salut YouTube I’m so excited for this video I don’t know if you guys watched the video but a few months ago at my Q&A someone asked me about my DNA so what is my ancestry I mean genetically what’s my makeup even though my channel name is Not Even French I don’t actually know […]

Organizar Reuniones Familiares para Genealogía

Welcome to my FindRoots channel the present day I want to share a tool that you can use to collect more genealogy information this tool are the meetings family members if you have the help of your family to carry them out it will be much more simple so today I want to give you […]