God Bless These People | Family Reunion | Netflix

Family, I have an announcement. After 15 years of playing pro ball, I’ve decided to hang up my cleats. Go bring your rusty butt on back here, then. -I am. We’re moving back to Columbus. -[gasps] My baby! God has answered my prayer! Won’t he do it! Won’t he do it! [laughs] [yells playfully] We think […]

Telling It Like It Is | Family Reunion | Netflix

No one dishes it out like family. Get ready to be old-schooled. Nothing like family to keep you woke. And telling it like it is. Ready. -Call ’em out. -Let me hear it, let me hear it. Rapid fire. I remember being punished. We knew we had it coming, and it was coming hard. I […]

Black Family Magic Is… | Family Reunion | Netflix

Come on, y’all.Moz, Cocoa, and the kids moving back home;it’s Black Family Magic. Smile, there you go.We’re one big happy family, under one happy roof.I hope you been studying. No! You need to teach me how you do that. It’s a gift, baby. Black Family Magic is being together. Sticking together. And praying together. Jesus, […]

A Family Reunion Christmas Trailer | Netflix

Do you think Santa wants cookies or cake? We all know Santa isn’t the one buying all those gifts. Ami, Santa is as real as the hair on your mother’s head. Her lashes. Her desire to kill me right now. Happy holidays, family. Celebrating with my grandkids, that’s all I ask for. Hi…We are the […]

The Society Cast Takes a Road Trip | Netflix

Not as high as they went, definitely not. No, we’re bringing him to the top. No, please don’t. [SCREAMING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREAMING] Fire in the hole. That’s medical. [YELLING] OK, I have no idea what we’re going to do today. But I know Alex is here and I’m meeting him and we’re going to get […]

Dark Season 3 Questions | Netflix Dark Final Season

Hey guys, Pete here. today I’m gonna talk about the big questions that Dark season 2 left unanswered and what we can expect to get answers for in season 3. Dark can be confusing what with characters moving through time and each season seems to ask more questions than it answers. in this video I’ll […]

Hasan & Phoebe Robinson Defy Society’s Norms | Deep Cuts | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Do you feel like when you and Beena got married – – Yeah – were people immediately like, “When are you guys having a kid?” Yes. People just, sort of, want to rush your life along. Where you’re like, “I’m still living and adjusting.” – Yeah. – It’s hard. I think people feel like we […]

Dark Family Tree Explained | Dark Netflix Season 1 & 2

Hey guys, Pete here. back with another Dark video today this will be a breakdown on the family trees and character connections in Netflix’s Dark. In a story where everything is connected things can get a little bit complicated and this video will sort out everything we’ve seen so far for you we learned a […]

The Society Cast Toby Wallace & Alex Fitzalan Best Friends Challenge | Netflix

Morning! Morning. Good morning! Alex. Hi, Netflix! Netflix! How ya doin’? We knew that it was a thing that we would wake up and you guys would be here. But we’re glad that you let yourselves in and everything. We’re pretty good friends, we thought we’d take the BFF Test today. So, welcome to bedroom. […]