God Bless These People | Family Reunion | Netflix

Family, I have an announcement. After 15 years of playing pro ball, I’ve decided to hang up my cleats. Go bring your rusty butt on back here, then. -I am. We’re moving back to Columbus. -[gasps] My baby! God has answered my prayer! Won’t he do it! Won’t he do it! [laughs] [yells playfully] We think […]

Let’s Go Adventuring: Jacques Colimon | The Society | NX on Netflix

Hi, my name is Jacques Colimon. I play Will in The Society. Let’s go adventuring. A. I’m chaotic good ya’ll. That’s how it’s gotta be. Chaotic good or chaotic neutral. Somewhere in between. No question. A. I wrote a script where I interact with a bear on the moonlit forest road. I’ll go with bear. […]

Black Family Magic Is… | Family Reunion | Netflix

Come on, y’all.Moz, Cocoa, and the kids moving back home;it’s Black Family Magic. Smile, there you go.We’re one big happy family, under one happy roof.I hope you been studying. No! You need to teach me how you do that. It’s a gift, baby. Black Family Magic is being together. Sticking together. And praying together. Jesus, […]

the raid scene from the society ON CRACK

*harry potter theme EAR RAPE* ♪ i’ve been waiting, i’ve been waiting, i’ve been waiting ♪ *wii theme EAR RAPE* JESUS CHRIST (from Inception) jesus christ, grizz where have you been?! I’M GAY okay i slept trought my alarm.. it’s really- PRE-dawn raid means PRE-dawn i know, i KNOW yeah man, it’s like.. POST-dawn rn […]

Kat Dennings Has Found a Home with the ‘Outlander’ Knitting Community

Hello, Kat. Hi, it’s me with my glasses. I know. Are these new glasses? They are new. Do you like them? I do. They’re very cool. Really? Yeah. Thank you. Portia has these– they’re very in style, these kind of large, kind of ’80s-type glasses now. She’s got some. I feel like they make like […]


– Hey everyone. What’s up? Welcome back to my channel. ‘Tis me, Jackie G. How are you? I’m good. You read the title, so let’s jump in the video. Well, recently, me and my sister were scrolling on Netflix, looking for something to watch. We found this TV show, random TV show, and it was […]

Millie Bobby Brown Makes Her Ellen Debut

So you’ve been working for a little while.>>Yes.>>But this is your biggest break, right?>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s been my biggest, I had one line in Modern Family, and I guest starred in NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy but my biggest role obviously was Stranger Things. And I, yeah, I mean, I really just I had the […]

The Family: It’s Not About Faith, It’s About Power | Official Trailer | Netflix

In my 20s, I stumbled my way in.And what I found is a secretive Christian organization called The Family,that have been hiding in plain sight for over 80 years.This was a group with tentacles around the world.A humble example of leadership that the world has never seen.A breathtaking enmeshment of church and state.There were congressmen, […]

Weekend Update: LaVar Ball on Lonzo’s Year – SNL

‘Watchmen’ Cast Talks Series Mirroring Today’s Society | MTV News

– He sent me the pilot script and said I have something for us to get together again, will you take this ride with me? Pretty much didn’t even have to read the script to say, “Yeah,” but I did and just my mind, like, exploded. – [Damon] I’ve been a huge Regina fan and […]