Ron shares his Family Tree Clinic experience

The comfort level. I feel safe. You know, the support. The system that’s here. It’s like home. It’s like going home to see your family. And there’s no barriers. You know. And that goes with ah, feeling safe with the interpreters. They provide a lot of accommodations for me being Deaf and low vision. You […]

Voices of Heartware Network: Of Kinship & Vounteering in NDP14

Hi, I am Jiaqi and this is Jiayun and we are sisters. So we are non-identical twins! Hi everyone. I’m Mui Teng. I’m Mui Suan. I’m Mui Ghern. And together we are THE MUI SISTERS! Hi, my name is Kai Jun. So I joined NDP in 2010 and 2011. My name is Li Xin. I […]

About Children’s Service Society of Utah

Encarni Gallardo: We provide support services that are very meaningful to maintain the safety and the health of the children no matter what situation the family is (in). About 10 years ago these kids came into our lives that had these great little smiles and they’d get dropped off to us on a Friday and […]