Printing Notes and Patient Histories |

In this short video, I’ll demonstrate printing notes and patient histories in HealthBiller. Let’s start by selecting a specific patient. From the patient form, select the “Notes” tab. Here we can record and view the patient’s medical, family, and social histories. Also, we can record an unlimited number of notes and patient encounters. To print […]

The Family History Guide FamilySearch P 1 G 10 Show Me

Welcome to The Family History Guide Show-Me series. This segment applies to Project 1 FamilySearch, Goal 10 – View details about direct line ancestors. During this video, in the interest of simplicity, I will refer to the links in The Family History Guide but I will not show the linked documents. You will need to […]

Crocodiles Can Climb Trees: Researchers In Climbing Study Observed

Most people entering crocodile territory keep a wary eye out on water and land, but research suggests they need to look up. Though the reptiles lack obvious physical features to suggest this is possible, crocodiles in fact climb trees all the way to the crowns, according to University of Tennessee researcher Vladimir Dinets. Researchers in […]