Bugha – Stories from the Battle Bus

I live in a small town in Pennsylvania. I’ll be going into my junior year of high school. (laughs) Yo! Hey, act like I’m not a baller! You’re not. When I’m with my friends, I’m usually playing basketball, something like that. I got it! Guys, dinner’s ready! Alright! Wait, who do you have for–what’s your […]

Play in the “Undying Love” Community Event

February 13-18 Undying Love TRACK IT LIVE @ dyinglightgame.com/bounties Complete Quests Together With Your Close Ones Help The Community Finish 1 000 000 Quests In Co-op Win The Valentine Crossbow & Paint Job NOW ON SALE

Dota – We, the Community (Documentary, ENG & RU subtitles)

We were pioneers… We were unique… We were restless pursuers of our dreams… It was the year 2002, when Blizzard Entertainment released the strategy game Warcraft 3 along with a powerful editing tool that would allow players to create their own custom modifications. What started out as one game, turned into thousands. But it was […]

Community Creations – Life is Strange 2

It is no secret that the Life is Strange community is brimming with creative talent and we love showing off your work in our #FanArtFriday feature across our social channels. But today, we’re taking it one step further and dedicating a video to you passionate, talented artists. Let’s check out some Life is Strange 2 […]

Let’s Play New Vegas Ep. 15: His Kin Are Not Right in Head Like He Is

>>RYAN: Welcome back, Internet people. My name is Ryan. Today we are playing Fallout: New Vegas for the PC. We’re going into the basement of the REPCONN facility to defeat the demons that are probably these big, evil looking guys and they’re also invisible and I bet this is going to be horrible and I’m […]