2015 Pitt Community College Commencement Ceremony

(music playing) Good evening and welcome to this 2015 Commencement Ceremony at Pitt Community College. And it is my honor to greet you graduates and extend my sincere congratulations to you. (music playing “Run, Run, it’s a new day!”) (music playing “Breath, Breath, in and out and Love, Love – let it all out!). Now […]

Portland Community College: #ThinkPCCFirst

[intro music] Education is what you need to be successful in life. PCC is one of the keys for success. Success is doing what you love. PCC has allowed me to succeed. From day one when I steped through PCC’s doors, I felt like a person. I matter. I care. You never stop learning. If […]

Kinship in Practice: Father Greg Boyle

[ Music ]>>Good evening everyone. Buena noches, good evening. Just a quick announcement. If you are with someone or accompanying a friend who would benefit from sign interpretation, then we would please invite them to move towards this side of the audience where we have our interpreter available. That having been said, my name is […]