Ancestry Cell Phone App Review – Tiny Tip Tuesday Episode 12

Hey welcome back to another episode on Genealogy TV. This is another Tiny Tip Tuesday and this is one of those App For That segments. You know surely there’s an app for that, well there is. So one of the favorite apps that I like to use is probably the most popular out there I […]

Relatives Genealogical Software

As your family grows and you welcome new members it can be important to remember where they came from. The problem is keeping track all those branches in root to the family tree. RELATIVES is a simple to use program that will help you visualize your family tree as far back as you want. With […]

North Carolina Genealogical Society Bible Record Project 2018

Hey everybody, my name is Connie Knox. I am here to help you go further faster, but factually with the family research I just returned from the North Carolina genealogical society fall conference And while I was there I met a gal named Sharon Gable and she is working on a Bible project for the […]

Welcome to Genealogy TV

Hi, welcome to Genealogy TV where we discuss a variety of family history topics all in an effort to help you go further faster… …but factually with your family research, and it’s all free I promise. If you’re new to genealogy be sure to check out the Learn Genealogy series geared toward beginners and slowly […]

How to use TurboScan for Genealogy: Learn Genealogy Research (How to Research Your Family Tree)

Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode on genealogy TV My name is Connie Knox a lifelong genealogist today. I’m starting a new segment a new Series called an app for that and I am going to talk about apps that are specific Really good for genealogy. So what I want to do is share […]


What are we doing today? JAN BON PRESENTS – You gave me a special present for my birthday. Something I hadn’t expected at all. A TRAVEL FILM OR VLOG Some kit for taking a look at where you’re really from, where your genetic ancestors have roamed. WHERE WE ARE FROM THE WORLD AND US SEE, […]