OSHO: Individual Intelligence – A Danger to Society

presents Individual Intelligence – A Danger to Society No society wants you to become wise – it is against the investment of all societies. If people are wise they cannot be exploited. If they are intelligent they cannot be subjugated; they cannot be forced into a mechanical life, to live like a robot. They will […]

Are we too Materialistic?

it doesn’t seem to make sense to suggest that there might be such a thing as good materialism. After all isn’t materialism just plain bad always? It can seem as if we’re faced with a stark choice. Either you can be materialistic and that means obsessed with money and possessions shallow and selfish, or you […]


For most of history, the overwhelming majority of the Earth’s inhabitants have owned, more or less, nothing. The clothes they stood up in, some bowls, a pot and a pan, perhaps a broom and, if things were going really well, a few farming implements. Nations and peoples remained consistently poor. Global GDP did not grow […]

Introduction to Business, Government, and Society

>>Hello. Welcome to the business responsibilities in society course. My name is Duncan Pelly, and I’ll be your instructor over the next 15 lessons. In my very biased opinion, this is one of the most interesting courses that you’ll have during your university career because it has just a little bit of something for everyone. […]

Is Utopia Always Dystopia? Is Utopia Possible?

In every second, of every day, you have to decide between action and inaction. We’re all tangled up in a web of cause and effect and so every choice you make has gravity and pulls us towards one of two futures: one that is more heavenly or one that is more hellish; one that is […]

Is Earth Actually Flat?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. In 2003, researchers did the measurements and found that Kansas is in fact literally flatter than a pancake. Of course, the Earth is not flat, the Earth is round. Otherwise travellers would be falling off the edge all the time. Right? Wrong. If the Earth was not a ball shaped, but […]

Could our society survive without the state? | BBC Ideas

Could we survive without rulers? Without the state? We have survived for centuries despite them and they’re destructive wars and stifling oppression. Crippling taxes suck half our wealth away sprinklings just a fraction back. It has been done before. Archaeology shows some of our ancestors living in peace for a few thousand years before armed […]

Do Humans Have Free Will, Or Are We Programmed By Society? | Joscha Bach

Like consciousness, free will is often misunderstood because we know it by reference, but it’s difficult to know it by content, what you really mean by free will. A lot of people who immediately feel that free will is related to whether the universe is deterministic or probabilistic. And while physics has some ideas about […]

HPSC0001 – Madness and Society

I’m Bill MacLehose, I’m the lecturer for HPSC0001, the very first module in our catalogue, which is Madness and Society. So Madness and Society is a module that’s an overview of the history of deviant behaviors, what’s considered to be beyond the acceptable rational thought of humans from, really, the Classical period to the present. […]