The Most Unusual Families In The World

DIY Rock & Wire Photo Holders | Kin Collab | Sea Lemon

Hi everyone! I got the chance to collaborate with some other YouTube channels on the topic of Pinterest inspired tutorials. And I decided to make the rock and wire photo holder. I based it on the spiral one with the rock base, but I also wanted to make a heart one. And you can find […]

The Family History Guide FamilySearch P2 G4 Show Me

Welcome to The Family History Guide Show-Me series. This segment applies to Project 2 FamilySearch, Goal 4. In this segment you will learn how to browse FamilySearch memories to see photos and documents for your ancestors. Seeing what has already been added to FamilySearch Memories will help avoid duplication and may give you ideas for […]

How to Add and Change a Profile Photo

In this video, we’ll review how to add and change a photo on your family tree. Adding photos to your tree will enrich the overall quality of your family’s site and help you preserve important family photos for future generations. Find the person whose picture you want to add and click on the camera icon […]

Are YOU A Family History Hero?

Hello, this is Linda Sattgast from here to tell you that we’ve changed our name to Now, why would we do that? Let me tell you. [music playing] Actually I love both names: imaphotohero and familyhistoryhero, but there are three reasons we decided to change it. First, it was hard for people to […]

FAST Family History Photo Book!

Have you been wanting to turn a box of family photos into a beautiful book but you just haven’t managed to get it done? I’m Linda Sattgast from here to suggest why you might be procrastinating and what to do about it. [Music Playing] I recently had an email exchange with someone who wanted […]