Family Farm – [Tutorial] Aquarium Part 1

Howdy Farmers! I’m Alex your host from the Family Farm studio. Ok, let’s see what we have today! But first of all, what’s on your mind if I say Fish? You know fish in the Fish Pond… Dishes? How would you like to keep some fish as pets? So in our brand new feature: the […]

Community Ecology II: Predators – Crash Course Ecology #5

Of all the ways that species interact on this planet, maybe the one that fascinates us the most is predation, and why not? It’s hard not to be captivated by, say, an Alaska Brown Bear, one of North America’s apex predators, even though they get much of their nutrition from nuts and bugs and berries. […]

Fruit Tree Planting Tips – Family Plot

All right, Mr. D., let’s talk a little bit about planting fruit trees. What do we need to start with that? Is this the time of year to be doing that? – This is the time of year to be really getting involved in planting fruit trees. It’s not the time of year to stick […]

European Elder – Sambucus nigra – Growing Sambucus nigra

European Elderberry. Sambucus nigra. This variety is Black Beauty. Notice the dark foliage on particular cultivar, giving it it’s name; the Black Beauty. There are many different varieties of the European species, including some that have this dark foliage, some with a very lacy cut leaf effect, some with a variegation that includes white to […]

Fall Fruit Tree Care – Family Plot

Alright Mister D., fall fruit tree care. What do we need to be doing? – Harvesting, if you’ve got apples. It’s a little early on pears, or my pears anyway, are not quite ready yet. If you still have fruit on the trees and you’ve been following a cover spray program, you need to continue […]

What If We Burned 20,000,000 Trees?

Hello my friends and welcome back to Life’s Biggest Questions. I’ll be your host Jarred Bronstein and today we’re answering the very scary question What If 20 Million Trees Burned Down? Now before we get into it make sure to subscribe and hit that bell notification so you never miss a video. Also, drop us […]

Q&A – Webworms On Birch Trees

– “Web worms love to eat my birch trees. “They are not on any list of affected trees that I can find. “I do all I can to control them with imidacloprid. “Why do web worms keep coming back “to an unpopular tree species? “Do the worms or moths leave a pheromone “that attracts them […]

Planting 20,000,000 Trees Will Actually Have This Impact

Trees. Growers of fruits, spices and nuts. Generators of shade. Home to birds, squirrels, koalas. Front line soldiers in the fight against climate change? You bet! Today we’re doing something a little different and talking about’s mission of planting twenty million new trees by 2020, where every donation of one dollar equals one tree. […]

Q&A – What herbicides do you recommend around fruit trees?

– What herbicides do you recommend around fruit trees? And this is from Kevin, YouTube, Mr. D knows all about usin’ those herbicides around fruit trees. What say you, Mr D? – Yeah, you gotta be kinda careful. I know commercial guys can get away with using some herbicides that home owners can’t use and […]