Why Bonsai Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Bonsai is an art form that requires years of training and centuries of dedication. At the 2012 international bonsai convention, a tree was on sale for 100 million yen, just under a million dollars. And many more of these trees are considered completely priceless. So what is it that makes bonsai so expensive? Bonsai is […]

KIDS Pretend Play with Garden Set – CLEANING & GARDENING | #FunLearning #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

who messed up this Garden?? don’t know Anaya.. But we’ve to clean it As this is our Garden so have make it clean no I’ll not clean it we gave Garden tool Set What is it ?? I know that you don’t know anything :-)) so we are cleaning this garden till you hit Likes […]