Growing A Jungle In My New York Apartment

SUMMER RAYNE OAKES: I think my friends and strangers alike, like they come into my house and they don’t even say anything at first, it’s just kind of like the jaw drop. SUMMER RAYNE OAKES: Hey there. Welcome to my apartment. COMM: This is Summer – an environmentalist, model and author, who has over 500 […]

Gardening Under Trees – Family Plot

Alright, Ms. Carol. Let’s talk about growing under trees. How difficult is that? – Well, it can be very difficult. There’s a lotta challenges, to growing under trees. Shade, first and foremost, for those plants, we know, need sunlight. But to me, one of the great challenges, is the competition from the tree roots. – […]

Making Delicious Jelly from Spruce Trees | INDIE ALASKA

Alaska’s home. All three of my girls have been born here, my husband and I met here it’s just, it’s home. I’ve picked berries for as long as I can remember but then I was just like whoa spruce tips, what else can you do with them? So I just started researching because obviously they’re […]

P4A: The Xerces Society [CC]

Did you know that some invertebrates, like millipedes, fluoresce under UV light? Or that jumping spiders can see in color? Or that in the spring, bumblebee queens fight to the death for the best places to start a new nest? The world is covered in insects. And while that might seem like the premise for […]