Tomas Venclova – Feeling isolated from society (45/88)

I have to say all of that is connected with Paris where we are now, because Ginzburg died in Paris and Gorbanevskaya still lives in Paris… My father was still alive at that time but he died a little later of heart disease, leaving my mother and me. And all of a sudden things started […]

Julia Hartwig – The resurrection of Polish society (90/100)

This life in so-called – not only so-called but finally a truly free Poland gave a great deal of satisfaction, simply a feeling that none of us were locked up, that we can behave more or less the way we want and that we can work normally. So we… we worked very hard because we […]

Voices Nationwide: SugarJ Poet on Face to Face | Nationwide Building Society

I heard someone say that, “we are the most lonely society in history.” Immediately I scoffed, Looked at my 4 inch movie screen thought, if I picked you up, right now, I could talk to a face, that it would take me years to walk to. I thought, with a few taps on this LCD […]