for KING & COUNTRY – joy. (Official Music Video)

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Tonight’s lead story once again is Mega Storm ‘Hercules’ Yes, and though it seems to be settling over the entirety of the continental United States of America, there is some good news… It is the Storm of the Century It’s utterly paralized our nation On the brighter note, people are […]

for KING & COUNTRY – pioneers (Official Music Video)

for KING & COUNTRY pioneers. I am here you were there lying side by side out of touch out of reach in the great divide parallel lines hear the rain count the drops on the window pane wide awake stalemate why do we play this game oh God I hate this game throw open the […]

Joyner Lucas “I’m Not Racist” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

There’s no resolution. It’s just, “Fuck you.” “Fuck me?” “Fuck you.” “Aight. Bye.” And it’s like, “C’mon bro.” That’s what’s wrong with the world. How do we create a resolution? As soon as the video opens immediately it’s offensive, immediately offensive to everybody. Because you don’t know my voice, because you’ve never heard me before […]

Looking Back At A$AP Rocky’s “F**kin’ Problems” | Song Stories

HILLARY: Few collabs have woo’d us like “Fuckin’ Problems” by A$AP Rocky featuring Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz & Drake. HILLARY: Produced by OVO’s 40 and Drake, under the pseudonym C. Papi, the track first came to Rocky’s ‘Long. Live.A$AP’ album with the hook, gift-wrapped. 2 CHAINZ: I remember doing this hard ass verse for Drake. […]

Why disco made pop songs longer

I Feel Love is Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder’s 1977 disco anthem. It’s THE song that signaled the beginning of electronic dance music. Its production is almost entirely built on synthesized sounds. There’s a propulsive bassline with a delay effect, a four-on-the-floor kick drum, Snare hits and hi-hats, and Donna Summer’s soaring vocal. These elements […]

Why Don’t We “8 Letters” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Daniel: It was so, like, crazy to be working with the people we got to work with on this song, because we dreamt of working with them. Johnny is just the freshest man on this earth. He has a different mind. His pants fit so good. Jonah: He did have the freshest pants. Jack: Oh […]