A genome hacker’s experience with the privacy of shared data | Yaniv Erlich | TEDxDanubia

Translator: Ivana Korom Reviewer: Krystian Aparta Hacking is the art of breaking security mechanisms. When I was an undergraduate student I worked as a hacker in a computer security firm. We used to be hired by banks and credit card services to conduct penetration tests, to try to find critical gaps in the security of […]

Genetic Privacy: A friend or foe? – public lecture with Dr. Yaniv Erlich

So thank you for coming to tonight’s lecture I didn’t expect a little bit of rain tonight but thank you all for coming out it’s a great pleasure to introduce Yaniv Erlich he was came after an interesting career in Israel as most people who grew up in Israel had to go into the military […]

Genetic & Ancestry Tests – What You Need To Know Before Mailing The Kit In

Hello and welcome back to Health & Human Rights Strategies YouTube channel. I’m the founder and president of HHR Nicole Fisher. Today, we wanted to talk about a very popular holiday gift that’s also been making some headlines: genetic tests or at-home ancestry tests. Now on one hand, these tests are a huge victory for […]

Top 10 Ways the United States is Becoming a Big Brother Society — TopTenzNet

Top 10 Ways the United States is Becoming a Big Brother Society In 1949, Eric Blair, known by the pen name of George Orwell, published 1984; a novel that has shown its predictive power manifested in the current state of society. Blair coined the term “Big Brother” for the symbolic figurehead of the totalitarian state, […]

Why Does the Government Want Your DNA?

Recently President Obama announced a new program to create a pool of DNA samples from one million volunteers. This would be just one of many government run DNA databases around the world, ones proposed for a variety of well meaning reasons, like healthcare and preventing crimes. But many people are worried that this “precision medicine” […]

Estonia Built the Society of the Future from Scratch

Here’s the thing or rather three things about Estonia. One, the Baltic country is tiny. Actually, 378 times smaller than Russia, it’s not so friendly Eastern neighbor. Two, Estonians have won a world record, 11 wife-carrying Championships. And 3 best for last here, Estonia has the most tech-savvy government in world history In Estonia almost […]

Genome Testing Is Now Affordable: Ancestry Is Bringing It To The Masses

Ancestry is a technology company and we use technology and data science, a whole lot of data, and now we’re using genomics to tell people interesting stories about who they are, who their people are, and where they came from. Ancestry started over 30 years ago as a magazine, basically as a publishing company, helping […]

Getting Started with TreeView

Welcome to Tree View the free Tree Building App Here are a few tips to get you started The Top left hand button has the menu With an option to sync with your online tree You can change to one of the different views available; tree view, family view, or list all people You can […]

How Secure and Private is my DNA Data? | Ancestry

Ancestry is the largest online family history and consumer genomics company in the world. The privacy and security of your personal data is critical to us, and we’re committed to protecting it with industry standard safeguards. You own your DNA and can choose how you manage your privacy. At any time, you can download your […]

Ancestry Tests Have a Lot of Issues – The Jim Jefferies Show

Welcome to “The Jim Jefferies Show.” I’m Jim Jefferies. And if you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, look no further. Woman: Give Mom the ultimate gift of self-discovery with an Ancestry gift subscription and a DNA kit. What better way to tell your mother you love her? “Mum, spit in this tube. In […]