The History of the American Cancer Society

Your American Cancer Society has been saving lives for 100 years and we’ve seen quite a few changes in our time. What was the world like when we started? A century ago, the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn. You could get a car in any color you wanted so long as it was black. There […]

What makes a good society? A case study on Greece | Michael Green | TEDxThessaloniki

Translator: Cristina Bufi-Pöcksteiner Reviewer: Ellen Maloney What makes a good society? How do I know if my country, my region, my city, is a good society? When we ask that question, the answer we get back often comes in a monetary term, measured in terms of Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. We often find that […]

4. A Northern World View: Yankee Society, Antislavery Ideology and the Abolition Movement

Professor David Blight: The other day I laid a–well, in part I laid a list of pro-slavery arguments on you, and a lot of quotations to give you a sense of the depth and breadth of pro-slavery ideology, and I didn’t want to leave that entirely without tying up a knot or two. Just consider […]

How Art Can Change Society, with Sarah Lewis

One of the reasons that I love writing about the arts, you know, curating work is not even so much that you’re able to honor one person’s expression and pay tribute to that. But because of how much it can shift things in us, you know. Frederick Douglas during the Civil War surprised his audience […]