Replacing Humans with Robots…Good or Bad for Society?

welcome back to the david passenger they were back on the day the package of make sure if you haven’t yet signed up as the day the package remember log on to david pacman dot com slash membership you get the commercial free podcast the bonus shows and access to what in just two weeks […]

Jerry Springer: When Leaders Misbehave, It Tells Society We Have No Norms | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Is Discriminating Based on Politics Different Than on Ethnicity?

before we get the emails i want to talk about this i got an email on twitter from an audience member saying listen refusing service refusing a business service to for example at a restaurant two eighty political group you don’t like is legal whereas refusing service to an achanak or religious group you don’t […]

tao te kin – Exilio

No hay mañana sin sombras, no hay respiro ante el dolor, la calma es un animal que duerme, que muerde al despertar. Me fui de aquí para no volver y ser lo que fui mucho antes de encontrarte a ti, y estar solo. Al huir dejo en el camino libres todos los sentidos, al fin… […]

Kellyanne Conway to Reporter: What’s Your Ethnicity?

Okay, it’s time for a fire. My favorite story, segue, hey, this is kind of weird. Trump’s White House advisor, Kellyanne Conway, who just recently you might know or have heard, she recently ignored a request to appear before lawmakers to answer serious questions about her hatch act violations. Kellyanne Conway asked a reporter who […]

tao te kin – Frágil

Presiento que no hay tiempo ni oro que malgastar, sin novedad en el frente, mi coronel, la guerra no va bien. Comiendo del suelo separaré la mala hierba del trigo, mi corazón es de cartón, frágil, no girar. Presiento que desciendo, me pierdo en tu mirar. Te cuido de caer, cuido de tu piel, cuido […]

Anthony T. Browder sits with Rock Newman to discuss religion and it’s origin

here well guess is this out work that it was quite possible that you might learn more about your religion i-ten much about history in and you have in year entire life uh… might guess this our is anthony team called many things tibetology ust if i’m saying that right cultural memory specialist someone who […]

Microsoft President On Big Tech’s Impact On Society | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

How Do We Make Society Better? Left vs. Right #5

A major difference between the Right and the Left concerns the way each seeks to improve society. Conservatives believe that the way to a better society is almost always through the moral improvement of the individual — by each person doing battle with his or her own weaknesses and flaws. It is true that in […]

Trump’s Dirty ATTACK on Elizabeth Warren

>>The Trump administration, of course, is trying to mischaracterize individuals like Elizabeth Warren and what they wanna do with climate change, or to combat climate change. And one of the things that they keep latching onto is that these lefties are going after your straws, they’re going after your hamburgers. And so in an effort […]