Replacing Humans with Robots…Good or Bad for Society?

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7.2 – case study 1 – race and ethnicity

As with other identity categories, race and ethnicity intersect with other identity markers and produce together a specific social location and related forms of oppressions, such as violence, invisiblilisation, silencing, and stereotyping. At a structural level, we can see a lack of access to resources, education, and professional roles as well as workplace discrimination. Through […]

Narcotics Honor Society

Hi! I’m Fux News’ most beloved and popular citizen journalist, Sniffie Macpot! Today, we have an exclusive interview with the fabulous candidate of the upcoming presidential election, Charlotte Chen! So, Candidate Chen, what have you promised to bring to our community? As you all know, in recent years, approximately three days ago, I have been […]

 Family TREE 3D PEN ✍ maker template for kids project Big Kid DiY youtube #3dpen #bigkid #DIY 3д

Hi this is family tree now you learn to do that

Mom Discovers Her Late Father’s Ancestry | Christina Arce

So are you legit? So are you legit?

Building an Enlightened Society – Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (Dorje Dradul) -Shambhala

And there is something else there which is quite important for us to realize. Is that I am not just purely guru alone. As my role in Tibet wasn’t purely the role of guru alone. But my role was to rule a district. Rule a certain part of province in my country, as governor, and […]

Fresh Cut Trees – Menards

Nothing quite captures the magic of the holiday season like a fresh-cut live Christmas tree! The most common varieties of tree are fraser fir, balsam fir, white pine and scotch pine. Fraser fir trees are known for their excellent needle retention and silvery-blue color. The short inch to inch and a quarter needles are firmly […]

How Will You Rewire Society?

When we were kids, we were told we could be anything we wanted, but growing up we realized they were wrong, because in a society like ours we don’t choose who we are. Everyone else does. It takes a tenth of a second for our brains to place a label on somebody. We are pushed […]