Genetic & Ancestry Tests – What You Need To Know Before Mailing The Kit In

Hello and welcome back to Health & Human Rights Strategies YouTube channel. I’m the founder and president of HHR Nicole Fisher. Today, we wanted to talk about a very popular holiday gift that’s also been making some headlines: genetic tests or at-home ancestry tests. Now on one hand, these tests are a huge victory for […]

Society’s Sweet Tooth… the Brain’s Response to Sugar | Amanda Maracle | TEDxQueensU

Translator: Mirjana Čutura Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs I’d like to start off by telling you a story. It’s about a woman named Barbara. Now, unfortunately for Barbara, when she was young, unhealthy habits were modeled at home. And several of her close relatives struggled with a very specific type of disorder. As Barbara got older, she […]

Department of Health, Behavior & Society – Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

[MUSIC PLAYING] CORY BRADLEY: Health Behavior & Society, I think, are the social change, rebel rousers, revolution people. KELLY KING: We think about the real issues that our country is facing right now that are driving some of these extreme health disparities. SPEAKER 1: At the end of these five years, did these women lose […]