Measure your history with material. | Sonya Clark | The Art Assignment

Quakers, Racism, and the Blessed Community

In the blessed community, for me, it would include all the members of our human species. I see that as a goal for Quakerism. That is something that we strive for within the Religious Society of Friends. I’m Vanessa Julye. I live in West Mount Airy in Philadelphia and I work with Friends General Conference […]

A radical & successful approach to working with Indigenous communities | Denise Hagan | TEDxBrisbane

you I want to acknowledge the traditional owners of this country the Turrbal people and also those traditional owners in lockout River in 2002 I found myself on a very small 10 cedar plane flying to the remote community of Lockhart River in Cape York I was executive director leadership and culture in my State […]

The Supercar Family: Life, Love & Very Fast Cars

Listen to that. ENGINE REVS I’m a real-life Vin Diesel. What can I say? It’s all about having a nice car, showing off, showing good people what they can have too if they work hard at it. It’s mad how we’ve got a million pounds worth of cars and we still live in that home. […]

Equal Opportunities Committee Inquiry – Removing Barriers: Race, Ethnicity and Employment.

What are the barriers to employment for people from ethnic minority communities in Scotland? This is the question the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee has set itself – and it wants to hear your views and experiences on the subject. I managed to gain this placement from African Challenge. Through them I managed to gain […]

Executive Summary: How You Can Help Keep Federal Statistics on Race/Ethnicity Relevant and Accurate

Slide 1: Hello! I am Jennifer Park of the Office of the U.S. Chief Statistician in the U.S. Office of Management and Budget or OMB for short. If you have listened to the other presentations featured in this webinar, this last presentation will recap the most important information we’ve shared. If you are viewing this […]

Providing Input on Proposed Changes to Statistical Standards for Collecting Race & Ethnicity Data

Slide 1: Hello and thank you for joining this webinar! I am Jennifer Park of the Office of the Chief Statistician at the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. Ever wonder where Federal statistics on race/ethnicity come from? How Federal statistics on race/ethnicity are made? This webinar will describe how your Federal statistical agencies work […]

Gabrielle Flowers Rader gets an Ancestor-Inspired Makeover | Relative Race

♪♪ Oh, ho, ho. Oh my gosh. My name is Gabrielle Flowers Rader. I am a full-time content creator. Today, I am going to be made over into my ancestor. This is my maternal grandmother. Her name is Priscilla Paris. She was born in 1941 in the country. And they lived the country lif. They […]