Equal Opportunities Committee Inquiry – Removing Barriers: Race, Ethnicity and Employment.

What are the barriers to employment for people from ethnic minority communities in Scotland? This is the question the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee has set itself – and it wants to hear your views and experiences on the subject. I managed to gain this placement from African Challenge. Through them I managed to gain […]

Executive Summary: How You Can Help Keep Federal Statistics on Race/Ethnicity Relevant and Accurate

Slide 1: Hello! I am Jennifer Park of the Office of the U.S. Chief Statistician in the U.S. Office of Management and Budget or OMB for short. If you have listened to the other presentations featured in this webinar, this last presentation will recap the most important information we’ve shared. If you are viewing this […]

Providing Input on Proposed Changes to Statistical Standards for Collecting Race & Ethnicity Data

Slide 1: Hello and thank you for joining this webinar! I am Jennifer Park of the Office of the Chief Statistician at the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. Ever wonder where Federal statistics on race/ethnicity come from? How Federal statistics on race/ethnicity are made? This webinar will describe how your Federal statistical agencies work […]

Gabrielle Flowers Rader gets an Ancestor-Inspired Makeover | Relative Race

♪♪ Oh, ho, ho. Oh my gosh. My name is Gabrielle Flowers Rader. I am a full-time content creator. Today, I am going to be made over into my ancestor. This is my maternal grandmother. Her name is Priscilla Paris. She was born in 1941 in the country. And they lived the country lif. They […]

DATA GEMS: How to Access Race Data on data.census.gov

[Music] Hi, my name is Tyson. Today I’m going to show you how to use the advanced search of data.census.gov to access information for one of our most popular topics, Census data by race. I really think you’re going to love all the information you can find with this trick. Let’s see how it works. […]

What Would You Do: Customers discriminate against Hispanic waiter | WWYD

Allow me to help you. You guys can have a seat right here and we’ll be out to get you started shortly. I can’t wait to order. I’m so hungry. Yeah this place has really good food. Hey, how are you folks doing today? My name is Miguel and *Man interrupts* Manuel Agua, por favor. […]

Joe: Kellyanne Conway Would’ve Been Fired On Spot By Other Administrations | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Malay Appreciation and Ethnicity By M Monzer Rahaman

Good Evening How are You ? I am fine . How about You ? I am fine too. What is your name ? Tan Qi Tan .. What is your Name ? M.Monzer Rahaman I don’t have any religion. Can you please tell me about your festival ? Sure, For example Mid-Autumn festival.We will celebrate […]

Color blind or color brave? | Mellody Hobson

So it’s 2006. My friend Harold Ford calls me. He’s running for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, and he says, “Mellody, I desperately need some national press. Do you have any ideas?” So I had an idea. I called a friend who was in New York at one of the most successful media companies in the […]

The Origin of Race in the USA

Did you know that race was not always considered a biological or genetic category? So how did we come to understand it that way today? We all have a working definition of race. Whether you kinda understand it, hate it, claim to not see it, or study it (hint hint, cough cough: that’s me), it […]