Gabrielle Flowers Rader gets an Ancestor-Inspired Makeover | Relative Race

♪♪ Oh, ho, ho. Oh my gosh. My name is Gabrielle Flowers Rader. I am a full-time content creator. Today, I am going to be made over into my ancestor. This is my maternal grandmother. Her name is Priscilla Paris. She was born in 1941 in the country. And they lived the country lif. They […]

DNA Tests Revealed!

we and others have turned this into a very automated process where you can put in saliva get out DNA Joe Pickrell is a geneticist and CEO at Gencove a company that makes genomic data accessible and interpretable. Most of the the tests that you’re familiar with and that we’ve used are based around a […]

#052 Kinship- Relatives – Family connections in English – Family Tree

Hi, everyone! I am Georgiana, founder of the podcast Speak English Now and I’m here to present you episode #052. Just sit down, relax and listen to the lesson. If you’re new here you probably don’t know this. But the lesson is in an audio format. So, you’ll need to go to my website […]

Our Ancestry DNA Results – How it Changed our Travels | The Planet D

It’s a very exciting day here at The Planet D because we are going to find out our ancestry DNA we’ve been traveling the world full time for eight years having adventures in more than 100 countries on all seven continents and sharing our experiences on Welcome to Antarctica welcome to Dubai Welcome to […]

Why Human Ancestry Matters: Crash Course Big History 205

Hi there, I’m Emily Graslie and welcome to Crash Course Big History. Today, we’ll be discussing human ancestry and genealogy – important for understanding where we come from and how we relate to each other today. Looking at the modern science on the topic, the evidence points toward conclusions that unify humanity into a closely […]

My DNA Kit Results Are In!!! (Part 3)

Hey, what’s up it Cecily and Cecily: What’s your name? Baby: My name Ziah Cecily: Tell, tell them yout name Baby: Ah… Baby: name is Anaye Your name is not Anaye your name is Aziah Baby: (giggles) Cecily: Aziah. Oh my gosh How did you forget that? Anyway, Cecily and Aziah and TODAY I got […]

momondo – The DNA Journey

I’m proud to be English, my family have served and we’ve defended this country and we’ve been to war for this country I’m really patriotic about Bangladesh I am 100% Icelandic, yeah, definitely This is a Kurdish wedding with my mum in the traditional Kurdish garb. We’re just proud blacks, so that’s it Yeah, I […]

ANCESTRY DNA UNBOXING & REVIEW #TightwadDad PODCAST with Neil Mossey and Joe 012

Hi welcome back to the Happy Hut, this is our Tightwad Dad podcast. I’m Neil. And I’m Joe. You got this for your birthday, didn’t you. I did! I got this from my sister – I got a DNA testing kit from Ancestry DNA A DNA testing kit from my sister. Do you know what […]

Ancestry DNA Test Results and Review

Hello everyone! I’m Natalie welcome to my channel. If you like my videos please subscribe. Today I am talking about my ancestry DNA test results and a little bit of a review about my experience with the ancestry web site and the DNA test. So two months ago I took the DNA test. I have […]

How to create your family tree on

Mundia is a site that lets you create, discover, and share your family history in a fun and easy way. Here is a map of the latest activity of Mundia members around the world. Here are recently uploaded member photos… And here are the most popular family names on the site right now. Now I’m […]