Professor Robert Burley – Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

(upbeat music) – My name’s Robert Burley. Photography allows me to be both artist and visual historian, and it allows me to interpret my present day surroundings. My focus is on the built environment, landscape and architecture, and often my work explores how nature and the city intersect. Photography in all its forms is a […]

Royal Society of Canada Fellows

My name is Jonathan Newman, I’m the Vice President Research at Wilfred Laurier University. We’re here today to talk about three newly elected Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada. I have the great privilege of teaching and doing research on Asian-North Americans. I’m arguing for the inclusion of Asian-Canadians in history in literature and […]

2019 Virtual Genealogy Fair Session 1: Exploring History Hub for Genealogists and Researchers

>>Good morning. My name is Vernon Smith, Research Services Workplace Culture and Training Manager. You just heard from Archivist of the United States David Ferriero. I also welcome you to our 2019 Virtual Genealogy Fair! Before we begin with our six sessions, I have three helpful tips on how to participate with chat, and access […]

Yuezhi Zhao, 2019 Royal Society of Canada Fellow

I believe we need to have more consideration for the developmental needs of the rural people. Which still constitutes nearly half of the global population. One day, I read a news story about an internet arranged suicide involving two young, university-educated men. One of them was from my home village. I went back to find […]

SHOCKED! After AncestryDNA Result

Hello. Here, I want telling you something and that’s really important on this video Have you seen all of my previous videos about Football, QA and other Maybe those video isn’t important But, this video is an important about AncestryDNA Result. Mean, which is it does find out to an explore your ethnicity Where I […]

We are closer than ever to stopping MS | MS Society Stop MS Appeal

Research into multiple sclerosis has got us to a critical point. We are closer than ever to slowing, stopping or reversing MS. We are gathering momentum and we can see a future where nobody needs to worry about their MS getting worse. Together, we will stop MS. We will stop MS. We will stop MS.

1940 Census

Hello, my name is Connie Potter. I’m an archivist here at the National Archives and for the last three or more years we’ve been working to get the 1940 Census ready for you to look at on April 2, 2012. During World War II the Bureau of the Census microfilmed the population schedules. We have […]

How to Use Record Matches

In this video, we’ll explain what Record Matches are and how you can use them to enhance your family history research. Record Matching technology automatically scans the billions of historical records on MyHeritage for individuals in your family tree. When a Record Match is found, you’ll see a brown icon on the right hand side […]

NOVA scienceNOW : 42 – Saving Hubble, First Primates, Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, Killer Microbe

NEIL DeGRASSE TYSON (Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History): On this episode of NOVA scienceNOW: it’s the most famous scientific instrument in the world, and its stunning pictures have changed our view of the universe. MATT MOUNTAIN (Space Telescope Science Institute): Twenty years ago we didn’t know how big the universe was, how old it […]