A Daughter’s Journey | Family reunion for woman abandoned at birth | Sunday Night

Searching on TheGenealogist using Keywords

Hi, I’m Mark Bayley from TheGenealogist in this short video I’ll show you how you can refine your shearch results using event filters and keywords when you do a search on TheGenealogist you’ll notice there is a dropdown box if you click on one of these dropdown boxes you are given three options an exact […]

Mom Discovers Her Late Father’s Ancestry | Christina Arce

So are you legit? So are you legit?


Hello, internet. In these times, where, apparently, some people find it difficult to tell the difference between protesting against racism and…racism I thought it would be relevant and mildly interesting to make a video about the shared genetic history of all humans, by finding out the origin of my ancestors. Because you know, once, we […]

She found her dad on her 18th birthday. Years later, she found another dad after a DNA test.

Am I REALLY Hispanic? DNA Test Results!!

23 and Me DNA Ancestry Test Results

Hello everyone welcome to Keiota Studio. I’m going to be revealing my ancestry to the world. Before we get to that, the reason why I wanted to get this DNA test is because I just wanted to know who my ancestors are and where they come from. I get so many questions about where am […]


Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and UGHHHHUHH I just woke up. I’m literally just out of bed so I probably look like shit and I sound like shit but that’s fine, (no Sean you are a cutie) because we got another thing going on. You remember, well I don’t […]

Our Ancestry DNA Results – How it Changed our Travels | The Planet D

It’s a very exciting day here at The Planet D because we are going to find out our ancestry DNA we’ve been traveling the world full time for eight years having adventures in more than 100 countries on all seven continents and sharing our experiences on ThePlanetD.com Welcome to Antarctica welcome to Dubai Welcome to […]

Kim’s Discovery | DNA Discussion Project | Ancestry

I was really excited when I took the DNA test because I could finally get my answers. I feel prouder to say what I am. I feel prouder to be able to say that I am all over the map and not just one or two places. This has been life changing. ♪ [music] ♪