Finance & Investment Tips : What Is the Probate Process?

This is financial advisor Patrick Munro discussing what is the probate process. Probate is a process where by an individual who passes away without a will, has to go through municipal court process and his estate or assets can be charged by the local municipality and they’ll essentially have them tied up until a certain […]

What is Probate? | The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel

Good morning. My name is Rick Gans and I’m an ACETC Fellow and I’m here this morning with Phil Baumann from Tampa, Florida also an ACTEC Fellow and our topic today is What is Probate. So Phil, what is probate? Well Rick, strictly speaking, probate is just the validation of the will of the decedent […]

Volunteer: Good Samaritan Society –Hastings Village diner

It’s just a little cafe. We’re here Monday through Saturday to serve breakfast and lunch. Most of the people that work here are volunteers that helps us keep the prices down. Customer: The waitresses are fantastic. I retired a year ago this last May in Texas as a dietary supervisor and food is in my […]

Public options can strengthen society: Vanderbilt law professor

Public option is a government provided good or service that’s available to anyone and comes at a reasonable price and it coexists with private market options. Public swimming pool is a public option. Some people have private swimming pools. Public library is a public option. We at Vanderbilt have a private library. Public golf courses, […]

A society full of idiots.

As if that’s the only nefarious thing that’s going on in the u.s. right now. So, I know I’m going to get some shit for this one but I’m gonna say it anyway. If anyone tells you it’s not cheaper here, well, they’re either lying, or they haven’t traveled enough. So many people felt like […]

How Virtual Reality Games Can Impact Society, Encourage Prosperity

RAY SUAREZ: Finally tonight: video games, virtual reality and how changes in those technologies may be connected with economic behavior. “NewsHour” economics correspondent Paul Solman and Paul’s avatar are our guides, part of his ongoing reporting Making Sense of financial news. And you should know his story contains some video game violence. MAN: You should […]