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Whistleblower Mildred Mildew on the Royal Oaks Community Garden Scandal

-Lately — I don’t need to tell you that lately the news has been abuzz about the whistleblowers who have come forward with inside information about President Trump. And here tonight is the original anonymous whistleblower bravely addressing the public for the first time. Please give a warm welcome to Mildred Mildew, everybody. [ Cheers […]

Pictionary with the Meyers Family

-We are about to play a game of Pictionary. All of this is on loan from Jimmy Fallon and “The Tonight Show,” so we give thanks to them. And we do hope that we do them proud. Here are the rules. 30 seconds on the clock. We’ll each take a turn, then we’ll have a […]

The Meyers Family Tells a Traumatic Story Involving Seth’s Orthodontic Headgear

-This is a tradition — this is six years in the making. Four years — this is the fourth year of this other tradition. First couple of years, we had one kid — he could not stay up this late to be on the show. Now we got two kids who are too young to […]

Our Stickman Family

Well I was riding along the other day When I stopped behind a minivan a big ol Chevrolet And it had those little stickmen stickers representing their family You know the ones I’m talking about, right? There was one for the daddy, one for the mom There were 2.5 children tagging along And a cat […]

I am SO proud of this community. LWIAY – #0060

Is it possible for me to start one goddamn video without yelling ? Welcome everybody to LWIAY Let’s just jump into it, guys! On 3, 2, 1 You didn’t jump! What the hell man! I thought we were cool Oh, well LWIAY, for those who don’t know, is the show where we review the top […]