Why Are We The Only Humans Left?

Look around and you’ll meet some pretty smart animals, but there’s no species quite like us. But that wasn’t always true. As recently as 50,000 years ago we walked the planet along with at least three other human species. Denisovans and real-life Hobbits Homo floresiensis didn’t leave much behind to know them by, but Neanderthals […]

Mitochondrial DNA: Bite Sci-zed

So everybody knows you get half your DNA from your mother and half your DNA from your father, right? Well, except for that portion of your DNA that comes only from your mother that resides in your mitochondria. Let’s back up, way back, to the moment of conception. When sperm and an egg come together, […]

Taxonomy: Life’s Filing System – Crash Course Biology #19

Taxonomy! It’s the science of classifying living things. That sounds exciting. Today we’ll basically be learning the Dewey Decimel System of evolution! It’s like filing! You must be on the edge of your seat. OK, shut up. When it comes down to it, this science doesn’t just categorize organisms, when you look a little deeper, […]

2018 Ulam Lectures – Cris Moore – Limits of Computers in Science and Society Part 2

good evening everybody so everybody can hear me fine my name is David walpert I’m a professor up at the Santa Fe Institute and before anything else some thanks are in order it just disappeared first off I’d like to thank Thornburg investment management for underwriting these community lecture series this is always said at […]

Why Don’t Birds Lay Square Eggs?

Hey smart people, Joe here. What shape is an egg? Chances are you’re picturing this: It’s generally round, a little fatter at one end, and it probably came out of the non-clucking end of a chicken. The chicken egg is the egg that most of us know, which makes sense considering there’s 2.5 chickens for […]

Genetic Privacy: A friend or foe? – public lecture with Dr. Yaniv Erlich

So thank you for coming to tonight’s lecture I didn’t expect a little bit of rain tonight but thank you all for coming out it’s a great pleasure to introduce Yaniv Erlich he was came after an interesting career in Israel as most people who grew up in Israel had to go into the military […]

How Do DNA Ancestry Tests Work? How 23andme Works.

You’ve probably seen the ads for them. Spit in a test tube, send it a company such as 23andMe or Ancestry.com and in return you’ll find out what your genetic ethnicity is, with you being able to see if your ancestors came from regions such as Europe, East Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa for example. In […]

When Science met Society

Hey Science is it really you? I didn’t recognise you without your white coat Where are you off to? Oh hello Society. Please do excuse me but I’m in a bit of a hurry. I’m on my way to an international symposium in China. We are going to discuss the construction of a new particle […]

9 — Human Ancestry Made Easy

My last video, Human Evolution Made Easy showed how mitochondrial DNA can be used to trace our most recent common matrilineal female ancestor who lived about 150,000 years ago in Africa but the same can be done for markers on the Y chromosome which are only past from father to son our most recent common […]

Announcing the Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society

We are so excited about the Institute for Integrated Science and Society. It’s a new way of doing research, a new way of teaching, a new way of learning. It brings together students and faculty from so many different disciplines. The scientists, the physicists, and chemists, and mathematicians with engineers to collaborate to solve these […]