How Sloths Went From the Seas to the Trees

8 million years ago, off the coast of Peru, a large mammal used its powerful claws to pull itself along the ocean floor, holding fast against the waves as it foraged for seagrass. 5 million years ago, a similar creature was burrowing underground in Argentina, digging burrows so massive that you could walk right into […]

James Cheal | Now I Know | Ancestry

Through Ancestry, I discovered my family have always been connected to the sea. I have Viking ancestors from Scandinavia. An ancestor, Henry Cable, came out on the First Fleet. Another on my mum’s side was even born at sea. All my kids surf. It’s really about being in the ocean. Now I know why I […]

Cheryl Learns Of Ancestors Shipwreck Horror | Who Do You Think You Are

When I first started off researching a girl John what I was finding out that he you know you lived in a poor area and he wasn’t really in a good a good way for his wife and having a young baby so I was a bit concerned about that and and what happened thereafter […]