Make lifelong connections in the Microsoft Educator Community

– There is a feeling of being valued and understood as an educator. (upbeat music) (children laughing) – My vision of education is us learning together. – It’s the idea that each day we come, whether you’re in the nicest place or the hardest place. – My students benefit from whatever I learn on the […]

[Alumni story] Kwong Kin-Ming – Passion for Public Policy and Governance

Hello I am Kwong Kin-Ming. I’m from Hong Kong. I graduated from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in 2011. Now I am the chief editor of a Taiwan publisher called Monsoon Zone. The reason for me to apply to study in Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy is pretty much related to […]

Voices of Heartware Network: Of Kinship & Vounteering in NDP14

Hi, I am Jiaqi and this is Jiayun and we are sisters. So we are non-identical twins! Hi everyone. I’m Mui Teng. I’m Mui Suan. I’m Mui Ghern. And together we are THE MUI SISTERS! Hi, my name is Kai Jun. So I joined NDP in 2010 and 2011. My name is Li Xin. I […]

Jiat-Hwee Chang: “A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture: Colonial Networks, Nature and Technoscience”

Thank you all for coming. Glad there is such a large turn out. If you are sitting on the steps, make sure the steps are passable and that there is room. It is my pleasure to welcome Jiat Hwee Chang here. I place his work at the critical intersection of architecture, history, science, technology and […]

Singaporeans Try: Taking DNA Test + GIVEAWAY!

You’re tendency to become prone to obesity! Hi guys! Hi! Hi! How well do you know yourself? I feel like both of us are very outspoken. I guess. Do you think I’m a extrovert, Chris? Uhh…I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know, we actually don’t talk a lot very often. Don’t expose this […]

Join the Humanist Society (Singapore)!

An atheist, a freethinker, an agnostic or a sceptic? Are you fond of the scientific method and reasoning? Have you ever wished to know like­-minded people in Singapore to share thoughts with, or to work together for good cause? Well, you are not alone. Back in 2010, a handful of Singaporeans founded the Humanist Society […]