Pictionary with the Meyers Family

-We are about to play a game of Pictionary. All of this is on loan from Jimmy Fallon and “The Tonight Show,” so we give thanks to them. And we do hope that we do them proud. Here are the rules. 30 seconds on the clock. We’ll each take a turn, then we’ll have a […]

The Meyers Family Tells a Traumatic Story Involving Seth’s Orthodontic Headgear

-This is a tradition — this is six years in the making. Four years — this is the fourth year of this other tradition. First couple of years, we had one kid — he could not stay up this late to be on the show. Now we got two kids who are too young to […]

The Meyers and Ashe Families Face Off in the Newlywed Game

-Welcome back to “Late Night.” It’s time for “The Newlywed Game”! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Where three couples compete to find out who knows each other best. Let’s meet our contestants. She’s a retired schoolteacher, and he will tell you the same story twice in one night. [ Laughter ] Please welcome Seth’s […]

Best of the Meyers Family on Late Night with Seth Meyers

-Seth, Josh, we have something we’d like to apologize to you two about. -Okay. -Both myself and your mother are currently on Ecstasy. [ Laughter and applause ] -Well, technically, your father’s on moon rocks, and I just dropped a little bit of acid. -Okay. [ Laughter and applause ] You guys are high right […]

Sinéad Burke Says Fashion Has the Power to Change Society

-How lovely to have you here, Sinead. -What a treat. This is wild. -It’s wild to have you here. We met at the Met Gala very briefly. -Which is also a wild sentence. -That is very wild, to meet anyone at the Met Gala, and yet we were lucky enough to meet there. How did […]