Using ICPSR’s Virtual Data Enclave (VDE)

Hello. This video is required viewing for anyone accessing ICPSR’s Virtual Data Enclave, or VDE. At the end of this video you will be asked a short series of questions to verify your understanding of the concepts in the training. You must complete this video and these questions before using the VDE. In this video […]

Curiosity Machine: A Learning Community

Sierra is naturally curious Excited to explore and investigate the world around her Paige is an engineer who explores everyday creating inventive solutions to complex problems Sierra doesn’t always have the answer to her questions or feel confident with your ideas Paige is proud of her inventions, and would love to be able to share […]

Konica Minolta: Digital Responsibility for a sustainable society

The time for our world to take action it’s now. We don’t have any more time. The environment itself today is not as healthy as it could be and being part of a corporate organization We have the ability to make a difference. We have ability to have impact, we have ability to have action […]

Introduction to Business, Government, and Society

>>Hello. Welcome to the business responsibilities in society course. My name is Duncan Pelly, and I’ll be your instructor over the next 15 lessons. In my very biased opinion, this is one of the most interesting courses that you’ll have during your university career because it has just a little bit of something for everyone. […]

Worldbuilding families, clans, dynasties, tribes and cultures with Professor Lin Foxhall

[Music] Hello, hello, hello everyone! And welcome! We are so thrilled to be with you again this week! Welcome to our world building Theme of the Month livestream. We’re going live every Sunday at 8 o’clock GMT that is I think 12 o’clock PST but you could correct me in the chat. Please do! Today […]

Social Media Is BAD For Society? RE: Zach Galifianakis | I Want To Go Home TV

can I ask you guys a question do you think social media is bad for society I got so much fun stuff to tell you guys hi welcome to I want to go home yesterday I was watching in the interview with Zach Galifianakis and he said social media is bad for society so I […]

Why Does the Government Care about Race?

Every 10 years in the US folks celebrate a time honored tradition that most of us wish we could forgot and many of us do: the collection of the national census. Because let’s face it: it only happens once every 10 years and filling out a questionnaire is hardly the highlight of the average person’s […]

Social movements | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy

Voiceover: Social movements are instrumental to changing the path of a society. When a group of people comes together with a shared idea, they can create lasting effects by encouraging change in their society or by resisting it, both of which will shape the future of their society. But a social movement is not just […]

Spotlight: Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry

SOCA is a student-run group in SFU We are a home for people within the African Diaspora We represent people from all over the world from the Caribbeans, from Africa, European countries everywhere and what we do is we try to bring support to people on campus and we support black led organizations communities, events, […]