What makes a good society? A case study on Greece | Michael Green | TEDxThessaloniki

Translator: Cristina Bufi-Pöcksteiner Reviewer: Ellen Maloney What makes a good society? How do I know if my country, my region, my city, is a good society? When we ask that question, the answer we get back often comes in a monetary term, measured in terms of Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. We often find that […]

Grand Avenue Housing Society Ferozpur Road Lahore Near Metro and Ring Road – LDA not Approved yet

Grand Avenue Housing Society Ferozpur Road Lahore 4 KM away from Gajju Matta Metro Bus Station

Building an Enlightened Society – Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (Dorje Dradul) -Shambhala

And there is something else there which is quite important for us to realize. Is that I am not just purely guru alone. As my role in Tibet wasn’t purely the role of guru alone. But my role was to rule a district. Rule a certain part of province in my country, as governor, and […]

Decadence – The Moral Decline of Society

Decadence is defined as ‘the act or process of falling into an inferior condition or state‘, ‘moral degeneration or decay‘, or ‘unrestrained or excessive self-indulgence‘. It is often attributed as one of the reasons why empires fall, the classic example being the Roman Empire. One thing I have noticed of late, is that our society […]

Planet Coaster | Society Park Part 48 | Neon Station

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another episode of Society Park Last week we started of in this new area by constructing the monorail station. As some of you might have already seen there was a roller coaster in the background. I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting in showing this […]

James Paul Gee – “From Grammar to Society”

my name is Jim Gee. I work here and you guys asked me to talk so you have to suffer through this. I’m going to talk to you today as a linguist and a relatively disgruntled linguist for the last 40 years, so let’s start with an interesting question. I mean, I do discourse analysis […]

The dementia guide: English – full length – Alzheimer’s Society

Jim: I didn’t believe that I had it as bad as it seemed. Hilary: I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t want to particularly hear it, but was glad there was a reason for why I’d been struggling so much at work. Rusty: I don’t think it worried me. Because I think I felt perfectly okay. Kathryn […]

Surveys in society

Today we are inundated by surveys and public opinion polls, and not just during election season. Buy something over the internet, you’ll probably get an email with a link to a customer satisfaction survey. Take a class at a university, expect a teaching evaluation survey at the end of the semester. Two things are driving […]

TSP’s Society Ka जासूस

This story is about a small intelligence agency based in Amrutara society. Whose aim is not to kill Osama, But, to investigate in bachelors house the party is going on? where are the girls going? and who is staying in a livin relationship with the girls? this is the limit of the agency. Come lets […]

When Science met Society

Hey Science is it really you? I didn’t recognise you without your white coat Where are you off to? Oh hello Society. Please do excuse me but I’m in a bit of a hurry. I’m on my way to an international symposium in China. We are going to discuss the construction of a new particle […]