Stages of Family Life: Crash Course Sociology #38

How does a family become a family? Well, when two people love each other very much… I’m joking, I’m joking – kind of. As we discussed last week, American families often form around marriages. So, romantic relationships can be a first step in the stages of family life. It might seem strange to think of […]

Is Society Really a Thing? – Emile Durkheim and The Rules of the Sociological Method – Part 1

What is society? Is it a real thing that exists out there in the world? Or is it just an abstract label we put on a collection of other people out there? If so what do we mean when we talk about different societies? And what do people mean when they say Society says X […]

What I am learning from my white grandchildren — truths about race | Anthony Peterson | TEDxAntioch

Translator: Priscilla R. A. Reviewer: Queenie Lee Damon was five years old when he asked his Aunt Lily the question: “Lily … am I black or am I white?” I don’t know if his Aunt Lily was surprised by the question. She said, “Well, your mum is white and your dad is white, so you’re […]

What’s the difference between ‘Race and Ethnicity’ ?

It’s good for us to dial back a little bit and get into this topic by beginning by talking about two key terms of race and ethnicity now we’ve talked about this , Marquita and I that these two terms get used almost synonymously, as if they mean the same thing, but they do not. […]

Media and society

Does the media reflect or construct social reality? This question is at the heart of lively debate among sociologists about the relationship between media and the social world. On the one hand, there are those who argue that mass media simply reflects the attitudes, values and norms of the society that it’s situated within. On […]

HPSC0001 – Madness and Society

I’m Bill MacLehose, I’m the lecturer for HPSC0001, the very first module in our catalogue, which is Madness and Society. So Madness and Society is a module that’s an overview of the history of deviant behaviors, what’s considered to be beyond the acceptable rational thought of humans from, really, the Classical period to the present. […]

Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) – Master’s Programs

In our contemporary societies, the technical and the social are inherently connected and entangled. We at the Munich Center for Technology in Society are dedicated to understanding and reflexively shaping the multiple interactions between science, technology and society. The complex challenges in our highly technologized societies call for new inter- and transdisciplinary approaches. The acronym […]

The four pillars of a decentralized society | Johann Gevers | TEDxZug

Translator: Paulo Oliveros Reviewer: Denise RQ For millions of years, humans lived together in small decentralized network communities of about 30 to 70 people. Everybody knew everybody, and it was hard to get away with doing bad things. But then, about 10,000 years ago, something happened that changed the course of history: the invention of […]

Let’s Talk About Race | Jennifer Chernega | TEDxTrondheim

Translator: Karolina Deryło Reviewer: Denise RQ Please hold up your thumb. Hold it up nice and high. Take a look at it. Compare your thumb to those around you. I specifically want you to look at how bendy the tip of your thumb is, whether it bends back very far or not. Now, my thumb […]

Nationality, Race, Ethnicity & Culture: What’s the Difference?

Hi, my name is Mel and today we’re gonna be talking about the title of this video, which is what’s the difference between nationality, race, ethnicity, and culture. So in the political climate of the United States right now, race is always being thrown in your face. Everywhere you go, propaganda is everywhere.