Discovering a Spanish settlement founded long before Roanoke’s Lost Colony | UNC-TV Science

So this is a a piece of paper pottery huge discoveries are often made from the smallest and most seemingly insignificant vitamins comes from a a small char through which are either be used for sabes or ointment little medicine jar and its very easly David to permit too late sixteenth-century analysis if the chemical […]

A Community Remembrance Project

A Community Remembrance Project Montgomery, Alabama This Project is a project that is about changing the narrative. The soil that you collect will not only go as part of this exhibit, it will also be used to make a memorial We’ve now bought some land here in Montgomery, where we hope to build a memorial […]

Gardening Under Trees – Family Plot

Alright, Ms. Carol. Let’s talk about growing under trees. How difficult is that? – Well, it can be very difficult. There’s a lotta challenges, to growing under trees. Shade, first and foremost, for those plants, we know, need sunlight. But to me, one of the great challenges, is the competition from the tree roots. – […]