Open Society President Patrick Gaspard Pushes Back Against Conspiracies | Morning Joe | MSNBC

France at the World Cup | Animated Histories

France, the country that gave the world new wave cinema, haute-couture and the suburban dead end. Their first foray into world football came in 1904, a rather cosy affair with their nextdoor neighbours. And with just one game behind them, they duly formed an entire world governing body for the sport and gave it a […]

Lady Skollie talks about Drake, dark histories of Birmingham & South Africa and ‘coloured’ culture.

No I like keeping my children together yeah we can see it has a nice energy about like hating men and stuff, which I really try to get across quite strongly. Damn me loving men, I hate it! Yeah I never knew that a lot of the world’s percentage of slave chains were actually produced […]

Ellen Helps Reunite a Family for Million Dollar May

As I said, before the show starts, I’m backstage in my dressing room, and I watched the audience dance before I come out here, and I saw this one audience member dancing before the show. Take a look at her. Look at this. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. That’s right. So I wanted to […]

Vine Snake Up a Tree | Snake City

Multiplex: Ethnicity in the Mission of God – Panel – Cape Town 2010

>>Today we are joined by three very ordinary but yet remarkable people. First we have Philbert Kalisa from Rwanda, and then we have Nyasha Manyua from Zimbabwe, and then Joyce Dube who works with refugees here in South Africa. Joyce, let me start with you. There was a lot of concern here in South Africa […]

The Scholarships That Launched the Open Society Foundations

I always said that I was born to do great things. I had that confidence that no matter what was going to happen the one thing that I was sure of was that I was going to make a success of my life. I don’t remember how it started, except to say that scholarships were […]

George Soros and the Open Society Foundations in South Africa

My serious political philanthropy started in South Africa, where I visited Soweto and generally got to know South Africa from the black population, not the white one. George Soros decides he is going to enter, and he says, “This is a society that has first-world institutions, that has tremendous resources, but that excludes the vast […]

Shirley Ballas Uncovers African Heritage | Who Do You Think You Are

How are you doing oh my goodness you look great what every good thank you Santa Barbara I’m hoping that you can shed some light on my heritage from my father’s side I do remember my grandma and don’t remember too much about my grandfather well this is your grandma and grandfather Nelly and George […]