Film Histories Episode 18 – Forbidden Planet

When MGM took a gamble, by releasing Forbidden Planet in 1956, projecting what should have been another sci fi B-movie, into an illustrious A-film, it was quite the shock. And it paid off, when audiences and critics flocked to see what has now become a science fiction icon, particularly with one of the characters. We […]

The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

Black holes are the largest collections of pure violent energy in the universe. If you come too close, they’ll devour you and add your energy to their collection. And so, the energy is lost to us forever. Or is it? It turns out there’s a universe cheat code. A way of powering civilizations until the […]


Hi guys, I’m sure you guys missed me, right? You know how I know that? Because I’m the last living being on the planet after a religious war and you are now all dead and rotten I bet you guys miss being alive… yeah, but it’s actually not so bad as being in a bunker […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Racial Super Texas

Gavin: You always have a problem where people don’t really know what race you are. Gavin: Because of your face. Gus: And I mean- Gavin: I was- Burnie: Not only do they not know what race he is, They do this odd thing where they will stop him in public and guess. Gus: Mmmhmm Burnie: […]

Star Conflict: Evolution Factor – Tai’Kin

Hi and welcome back to Star Conflict Tutorials! Today we’ll tell you all you need to know about update 1.4.3: Evolution Factor. This patch introduces new weapons, a brand-new ship from Ellydium and a PVE mission called Ariadne’s Thread. Well, to be brutally honest, this patch adds a lot more, so, get yourself your favorite […]

NOVA scienceNOW : 42 – Saving Hubble, First Primates, Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, Killer Microbe

NEIL DeGRASSE TYSON (Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History): On this episode of NOVA scienceNOW: it’s the most famous scientific instrument in the world, and its stunning pictures have changed our view of the universe. MATT MOUNTAIN (Space Telescope Science Institute): Twenty years ago we didn’t know how big the universe was, how old it […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson – “Accessory to War” & Arming Society with Knowledge | The Daily Show

-Welcome back to the show. -Hey, man. Thanks for having me back. -First things first. -What’s that? -Happy birthday. -Oh. This week is my birthday. -Happy birthday. -(applause and cheering) So-so, but everybody has a birthday every year, so just to specify, this is my sixtieth. -60? -Yeah. Yeah. -(applause and cheering) I-I’m the same […]

Astronomers Made A Family Tree For The Stars In Our Galaxy

Hey everyone, Trace here. A Biologist and an Astronomer go to dinner. That’s not the start of a joke, but it is actually how that astronomer got the inspiration for a new way of thinking about the stars. That astronomer was the University of Cambridge’s Dr. Paula Jofré, and she realized that she could chart […]

Planetary Society Deploys LightSail 2’s Solar Sail. What Does The Future Hold For Solar Sails?

where you can travel in space depends on how much propellant you’ve got onboard your rocket and how efficiently you can use it but there’s a source of free propellant right here in the solar system the Sun which is streaming out photons in all directions you just need to catch them and right now […]

We Are The Planetary Society

Where did we come from? Are we alone in the cosmos? These are the questions at the core of our existence. And the secrets of the universe are out there waiting to be discovered. But to find them we have to go into space. We have to explore. This endeavor unites us. Space truly brings […]