The Artemis Musicians Society – Vivaldi’s Sonata #1 (Absolute Ambiguity)

I abhor this modern world of love it’s a strange deplorable situation when in the face of fierce flirtation you fumble with the question is this and infatuation it’s at least some kind of attraction that’s put your heart all up in the place where the best outcome is to be dead, heartbroken or become […]


♪♪ CABALLERO: For Christmas last year, my wife got me a DNA testing kit. After submitting my saliva sample, I waited a few weeks for my results to come in. (applause) I was excited to learn that my ancestry consisted of about half European, 30% African, ten percent Native American, and the rest a mix […]

Voices Nationwide: SugarJ Poet on Face to Face | Nationwide Building Society

I heard someone say that, “we are the most lonely society in history.” Immediately I scoffed, Looked at my 4 inch movie screen thought, if I picked you up, right now, I could talk to a face, that it would take me years to walk to. I thought, with a few taps on this LCD […]

Why I Hate Society, But Love Humanity

in our society today, do you class yourself as free? or are you constantly clinging onto things, which give no guarantee? do our materialistic items ever deliver to us real happiness? or do they distort us from reality and for our conscience are they poisonous? see happiness comes within yet we always tend to forget. […]


♪ ♪ CABALLERO: Last year I went on a dream vacation to the Southern Spanish region of Andalucia, which was at one time a beacon of diversity and tolerance for different ethnic groups and religions. Here I visited the Alhambra, a medieval Islamic fortress and palace, and got a chance to check out the Hall […]

Folio Society Miniature Poetry Series | Beautiful Books

Between 1991 and 1997 the Folio Society issued a series of its smallest books, one each year. These gems are all tiny poetry collections, 32 pages long and a mere 12 x 8.5 cm, or about 5 x 3 inches. The 7 volumes were printed letterpress and bound in moiré silk, and enclosed in thin […]