ONCE®, The Replacement Parts Cataloguing Solution

elcome.co.uk We know that data drives the replacement parts market And Elcome has been at the forefront of both technology and innovation in this industry for over 18 years. Our knowledge and experience has led us to develop ONCE We appreciate the amount of data you need to process is vast and multifaceted. Coming in […]

Infection prevention and control in community services

preventing and controlling healthcare associated infections continues to be a significant challenge to health and social care services throughout the world including here in Ireland a healthcare-associated infection is any infection which is contracted as a direct result of treatment in or contact with a health or social care setting. they can have a huge […]

ITU Standardization – The technical foundations of the Information Society

Isn’t it convenient wherever you are wherever you go whenever you want you are connected. To life, to friends, to business. Did you know that there’s one institution that has made possible all of what you’re doing right now? In 1956 the first voice called crossed the Atlantic from Canada to Scotland. In 1964 the […]