Why The U.S. Government Pays Lockheed Martin Billions

Lockheed Martin is the top grossing defense firm in the world, and the U.S. government supports that business to the tune of over $37.7 billion. It surpasses its closest competitors, Boeing and Raytheon, by nearly $20 billion in arms sales. These funds are granted by Congress to provide equipment that enables the U.S. military to […]

How Secure Is The United States Power Grid?

From transportation, to telecommunications, health care and banking. The digitization of our infrastructure has made our daily lives more convenient, but it’s also opened us up to the threat of cyberattacks. Yahoo’s hack of over 500 million accounts will make it the biggest data breach ever. Equifax, which, as you know, is a very large […]

The Saint Germain Deception

who is Saint Germain? and why is he important to the events happening today Saint Germain is considered to be an ascended master by many occult groups before his ascension he incarnated many times or lived many lives throughout history these incarnations have been documented by his followers in theosophy the new age, Freemasonry, the […]

Ask Sallie Krawcheck: How does society patronize women when it comes to money?

How does society patronize women when it comes to money? By making us feel guilty. By making us think that not buying a coffee from a coffee shop can help us become millionaires. By telling us that we have to save, and budget, and not talking to us about investing. Telling us that we’re risk […]