I’ve Had 3 Foster Families, And I’ve Seen Things

Hello, my name is Chloe and since my mother died, I was forced to change foster families a few times, and honestly, those were a tough couple of years. My Mom was a nice person when she wasn’t drinking. The problem was that she was drinking almost all the time. Honestly, everyone in our family […]

Unicorn Rescue Society: Uchenna Sings Karaoke

Unicorn Rescue Society-y We have adventures with our mythical creatures Follow our channel for all our videos and all the fun stuff that we post here! And if you like them go to our website and if you’re awesome You could be a member too! When did you have time to write those lyrics? Write […]

Bepanah Pyaar – 10th December 2019 – बेपनाह प्यार – Full Episode

‘Inspector, she’s not a fraudster.’ ‘I have no love left for you.’ You stepped into my life to destroy it, right? You have done it. You have finished everything. You have destroyed me. Where’s this smoke coming from? Brother’s room is on fire? Brother! Brother, open the door! Brother, what are you doing? Open the […]

Bepanah Pyaar – 9th December 2019 – बेपनाह प्यार – Full Episode

Pragati, please open the door. At least for the sake of our friendship. Pragati! Just a minute. Be careful. Pragati, look. I know what you must be going through. But it’s not your fault. Those people who sat there laughing at you were the ones in the wrong. They chose to watch the fun instead […]

Hitler’s Nephew Sticks It to His Uncle – Drunk History

Hello, my name is– Hello, my name is Lyric Lewis, and tonight we’re gonna talk about Willy Hitler, the nephew of Adolf Hitler. Hmm. [belches] Oh, excuse me. So our story begins in Liverpool, England. William Hitler is living his young life, and in 1930, his father was like, “Yo, come and meet your uncle.” […]

My Grandfather Revealed Our Family Secret Before Dying

Hi, my name is Cynthia. I am 13 years old, and I live with my mother and father. Well, I mean, until recently that’s what I thought. My mother is pregnant and will soon give birth to my brother. No… it’s not like that. Oh, my, um, let me start over from the beginning! Just […]

STUCK While Going Deeper In Hello Neighbors Underground Tunnels / That YouTub3 Family

Community Creations – Life is Strange 2

It is no secret that the Life is Strange community is brimming with creative talent and we love showing off your work in our #FanArtFriday feature across our social channels. But today, we’re taking it one step further and dedicating a video to you passionate, talented artists. Let’s check out some Life is Strange 2 […]

Dark Souls 3 ► 10 Amazing Community Discoveries

Dark Souls 3 has been out a while And you might that you know everything about it, but Don’t underestimate the depth of what this community can discover That sound you heard at the start That was a voice clip from the Dancer’s opening cutscene But reversed And only less than a week ago, reddit […]

My Boyfriend’s Family Hate Me Because I’m NOT Pregnant

Hi, folks! How old are you? Ten? Twelve? Fifteen? My name is Ashley and I just recently turned eighteen. And I’m completely overwhelmed with all these ADULT PROBLEMS! For example? Well, for example my boyfriend’s family hates me because I’m not pregnant. How do you like that? This year I was admitted to the college […]