Ethnicity vs. Race | Part 1 of 2: The Vertical Mosaic and the Story of Canada

Nitin Deckha: Today we’re going to talk about the difference between ethnicity and race, and in the context of Canada. Ethnicity is often confused with race and we often use it interchangeably in everyday speech. That’s all right, but in sociology, we want to have a little bit of more distinction and they are quite […]

DNA Test Revealed My Mom’s Dirty Secret

– Hi I’m Nathan and I want to tell you a story about how a $99 DNA test uncovered the darkest secret of my family. It was so shocking my grandmother had a heart attack. So, my family was always quite traditional and pretty normal. My mom is a business woman, so she’d always leave […]

The Norse Pantheon: Crash Course World Mythology #10

Hey there, I’m Mike Rugnetta and this is Crashcourse Mythology. Today we’re going to try to do justice to the Norse pantheon–a very scary wolf, an amazing tree, a rainbow bridge, some frost giants, and way more than what I learned from reading Thor comics. No, not you, Thoth. Your th is a plosive. We’re […]

Cleopatra’s Little Sister vs. The World (feat. Aubrey Plaza and David Wain) – Drunk History

– So hello, my name is Lyric Lewis, and tonight we are discussing the other queen of Egypt. Oh yes, the queen that was scheming, thieving, thriving and surviving off of stealing her way from the bottom to the what? To the top. The other queen of Egypt. So our story begins in 51 B.C. […]

My Dad Left Us After A DNA Test

Hi! My name is Damian. The story that I‘d like to tell you… is very painful for my family and me. But my experience could probably help somebody. Even though I don’t know how. Well… just listen. I will tell you what had happened last Christmas, but first, let me explain what my life was […]

The Journey of Your Past | National Geographic

So what’s the science we used to study the ancient migratory paths of your Ancestors? It’s something called population genetics, and it helps us to piece together how humans populated the earth. Here’s how it works. Historically people close to each other tended to share more of those genetic markers – the little DNA typos […]


♪♪ CABALLERO: For Christmas last year, my wife got me a DNA testing kit. After submitting my saliva sample, I waited a few weeks for my results to come in. (applause) I was excited to learn that my ancestry consisted of about half European, 30% African, ten percent Native American, and the rest a mix […]

FamilyTrees — Our City, Our Story : Rockford, Illinois

– [Kristin] At first I was very angry. How could somebody do this, how could somebody just take our land? (light music) – I grew up with an apple orchard in Poplar Grove, the Edwards Orchard in Poplar Grove. I was four years old when my dad planted the first trees. I did go to […]

Are YOU A Family History Hero?

Hello, this is Linda Sattgast from here to tell you that we’ve changed our name to Now, why would we do that? Let me tell you. [music playing] Actually I love both names: imaphotohero and familyhistoryhero, but there are three reasons we decided to change it. First, it was hard for people to […]