Student Societies Tour | University of Sheffield

I’m Martha, and I’m the Activities Officer at Sheffield Students’ Union. There’s loads of amazing activities and opportunities that students can get involved with during their time at university. We have over 360 different societies here at Sheffield, so let’s go and see what they’re all up to at the moment. So we put on […]

Harvard Ballet Company: Community and Excellence

2015 Pitt Community College Commencement Ceremony

(music playing) Good evening and welcome to this 2015 Commencement Ceremony at Pitt Community College. And it is my honor to greet you graduates and extend my sincere congratulations to you. (music playing “Run, Run, it’s a new day!”) (music playing “Breath, Breath, in and out and Love, Love – let it all out!). Now […]

MAFIA Game – (Back To School Edition) / That YouTub3 Family

2014 Trent Innovation Forum: Immigrant Stories & Histories

[Ayesha Barmania] My name is Ayesha Barmania, I am 3rd year in international development and anthropology. So I’m doing oral histories of New Canadians project. So it’s a project through the new Canadian center and I am interviewing immigrants about their experiences of coming to Canada. So I am conducting the stories that they want […]

Science Communication and Society specialisation – Leiden University

So I did a master of Bio-Pharmaceutical Science and I chose the specialization in Science Communication and Society. A lot of people are having doubts and not trusting science, like climate change or vaccines. So our job is to bring science to the wider public. So that they know that science is for everyone, and […]

Discover Queensborough Community College

[Student 1] There’s something different about Queensborough. [Student 2] From the moment I got to campus, I knew this wasn’t like any other two-year college. [Advisor 1] At Queensborough, you learn from faculty who are at the top of their fields; the kind you’d expect to find at an Ivy League university. [Professor] You have […]

Students Discover the Power of Gratitude on a Community | Class Act

-Please take out your gratitude journals and write down three things that you’re grateful for, that you appreciated from today. And make sure that you’re comfortable sharing at least one of them. We teach an extended day, and we were noticing that the kids were leaving very discouraged. And we came up with the idea […]

MAFiA Game – Baldi’s Basics Edition / That YouTub3 Family