Does community college divert students from four-year degrees?

(engaging music) – [Narrator] Seventeen million students were enrolled in four-year colleges in 2017. At the same time, nearly 9 million students were enrolled in public two-year colleges. These two-year colleges—that are known as community colleges— are, for many students, a first step to a four-year degree. In fact, if you take all the students […]

2015 Pitt Community College Commencement Ceremony

(music playing) Good evening and welcome to this 2015 Commencement Ceremony at Pitt Community College. And it is my honor to greet you graduates and extend my sincere congratulations to you. (music playing “Run, Run, it’s a new day!”) (music playing “Breath, Breath, in and out and Love, Love – let it all out!). Now […]

Science Communication and Society specialisation – Leiden University

So I did a master of Bio-Pharmaceutical Science and I chose the specialization in Science Communication and Society. A lot of people are having doubts and not trusting science, like climate change or vaccines. So our job is to bring science to the wider public. So that they know that science is for everyone, and […]

Community pride

Howard High School had challenges. It’s in the bottom 5% of the high schools in Tennessee. The thing that’s hopeful here is how the community’s coming together to say we want Howard to be a great school. There’s a new energetic principal that has been trying to bring the school together and help the kids. […]

Did You Know? Shift Happens / Higher Education – Community College of Aurora

(“Right Here, Right Now” by Fatboy Slim)

Top 5 Myths about Community College

Top 5 Community College Myths Myth 1: Community College is for people who can’t get into a university. False! Community College students tend to have higher GPAs than their university counterparts. — American Educational Research Association and Sage Publications, 20114 “The Community College Route to the Bachelor’s Degree” Community college transfer students maintain a higher […]

Make lifelong connections in the Microsoft Educator Community

– There is a feeling of being valued and understood as an educator. (upbeat music) (children laughing) – My vision of education is us learning together. – It’s the idea that each day we come, whether you’re in the nicest place or the hardest place. – My students benefit from whatever I learn on the […]

Peer Mentoring at Guttman Community College

Hello, my name is Collin. As a Leadership Peer Mentor the primary goal is to help students be socially active. My name is Amanda. I’m an Admissions and Access Peer Mentor. I’m Talia, and I’m an Academic Success Peer Mentor for first year students. My name is Juan. I am an Academic Success Peer Mentor. […]

NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars Program, Fall 2018

[Music]>>To be an aerospace engineer, you have to be confident, you have to have courage, being smart is given, but it’s your determination, it’s your passion, and it’s your creativity which binds you together and makes you suitable for NASA. [Music] [Background noise]>>Even when applying, I felt kind of nervous, because NASA seems like this […]

Rape Club: Japan’s most controversial college society

For more than 120 years, Waseda University has been a place of higher learning, a finishing school for Japan’s elite.It’s produced six prime ministers, hundreds of company presidents, but now Waseda has also produced a scandal that has shocked Japan and terrified the university’s female students. Dozens of Waseda students, some seen here, formed a […]