Priezviská Ahoj Slovensko STV 2 -2018 január 16

Today’s topic What are the most common surnames in the regions, where do they come from and how to pronounce them correctly. Speaking about it will be our today’s guests: Marianna Sedláková from the Department of Slovak Studies, Slavonic Philologies and Communication of the Faculty of Arts at the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, […]

Calling men by their surnames adds to gender inequality, study claims

 Shakespeare. Darwin. Einstein…Messi.  There are plenty of famous guys out there to whom we only really refer by their last names  Now have a think about how many women we treat the same.  Outside of politics, we very rarely talk about women using their surnames only – and a study suggests that that discrepancy might […]

Primary school BANS children’s surnames from their exercise books

A primary school has banned children’s surnames on exercise books amid fears they could break data protection laws Pupil Harry Szlatoszlavek, six, is being called ‘Harry2’ at Newhey Community Primary School in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, to differentiate between him and another boy with the same first name The school says it is complying with General Data […]

Against Ancestry

You know that show Who Do You Think You Are? It’s very popular, and will always get renewed. I’m sure it’s pretty interesting, but I can’t bring myself to watch it, because they always give away the answer in the episode’s title. But the gist is: Someone more famous than you researches their ancestors, and […]

Baby names from Pilgrim surnames: Carver, Fletcher, Rigsdale…

Looking for a Thanksgiving-themed baby name? If so, and if you like first names that come from surnames, here’s an idea for you. Check out the Mayflower Compact. We no longer have the original document, but we do know the names of the signers, and between them are 37 surnames, many of which would make […]


Hi everyone welcome to JC’s Quiz, I’m JC, today we’re going to have mcKupo versus bebopVox on the subject of unfortunate surnames always have to be true, there’s so many terrible names this is true and we’re about to discover some so it’s going to be a true or false round I’m going to give […]

Chinese surname

Chinese surnames are used by Han Chinese and Sinicized ethnic groups in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and among overseas Chinese communities. In ancient times two types of surnames, ancestral names and clan names, existed. The colloquial expressions laobaixing, and bǎixìng are used in Chinese to mean “ordinary folks”, “the people”, or “commoners.” […]

Should you do a One-Name Genealogy Study? – Paul Howes, Guild of One-Name Studies

have you ever done a one named study well if not today you need to learn about them so you can get started howdy I’m Devon Noel Lee with family history fanatics and we’re going to talk with Paul Howes of the guild of one name studies about how to get started with these one […]

German family names: Where do they come from?

The topic for this video was suggested by Claudia, one of my generous supporters on Patreon. And remember, if you want to support this channel and have the chance to tell me what you want me to talk about, you just need to make a small monthly donation. By coincidence, I also received a postcard […]