Module 2: Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) meet Microsoft Teams

Our school has a great topic for a book study this school year to help us in meeting our student achievement targets. What we need now is a way to keep everyone organized and learning collaboratively. We’re going to see how Teams can help drive the success of our professional learning community. We log into […]

F1 Livery Histories: RENAULT

Hello and welcome to F1 Livery Histories, the channel where we take a look back at the different paint jobs, racing trims and sponsor decals adopted by respective Formula One teams throughout eras. Today we’ll be profiling a manufacturer renowned for its strong racing pedigree, which was the sole catalyst of an exciting bygone era […]

Global Business and Society Students Take on Intensive Team Project

– We work in a group of six people. Every group, normally we are different nationalities, and therefore it’s really about working together, find a way to be a leader or an active follower. Every week is different. – We’re slowly learning how to work together with people that are very different from ourselves, which […]