Which Countries Still Have Colonies?

In 1960, the United Nations called for independence for all colonial countries. Yet, as of 2015, 17 regions around the world remain colonies, also known as “Non-Self-Governing-Territories”. So where are there still colonies? Well, to start, a colony, is typically a distant country or area, controlled and protected by another country. However, there can be […]

Did Israel Commit War Crimes Against Palestine?

On January 16, 2015, at the request of Palestinian officials, the International Criminal Court launched a preliminary investigation of alleged war crimes which were committed by Israel during the summer of 2014. The attacks, according to UN officials, killed around 2,000 Palestinians, a majority of whom were civilians. So, what does this preliminary investigation mean? […]

Who Is The Rothschild Family & How Much Power Do They Have?

The Rothschild family has been accused of nearly every conspiracy we could find. They’re alleged to be leaders of secret societies, run the world’s media and financial systems, and other shady dealings. The name Rothschild is synonymous with extravagant, old world wealth. But we wanted to find out, who exactly are the Rothschilds? In a […]

Why Does the Government Want Your DNA?

Recently President Obama announced a new program to create a pool of DNA samples from one million volunteers. This would be just one of many government run DNA databases around the world, ones proposed for a variety of well meaning reasons, like healthcare and preventing crimes. But many people are worried that this “precision medicine” […]

Does God Make Society Better?

Out of fake gods and bad gods and demi-gods and would-be gods. Out of the whole pantheon, which god makes societies better? Hey guys, Julia here for DNews Recently the idea that belief in one “big god” lead to the rise of complex societies held sway in research circles. But that’s being challenged by new […]