Author Tara Westover’s Incredible Story About Leaving Her Strict Survivalist Family

I read this book because Michelle Obama told me to read it. I asked her what she was reading, and she told me, Educated. And I– I listened. I drive a lot, so I listened to it on audio book. And I didn’t want to get out of my car. I mean, it’s a memoir. […]

RiversideTV College Football – Riverside City vs Orange Coast

to promote public confidence in the professionalism and accountability of the city of Riverside’s Police Department the Commission consists of an all civilian panel of members from across the city the Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all police relations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deaths receiving complaints and conducting […]

Social accountability | Meals on Wheels grant provides food | Good Samaritan Society

Generations has a lot of the same values or missions and goals that we do as Good Samaritan Society – Northwood Retirement Community and the Society as a whole and it was very easy picking Generations they help us with numerous things that we do out in the community in Jasper and as a whole […]

AI & Society Series: AI & Democracy

The AI and Democracy workshop that we’re hosting is about bringing together an interdisciplinary group of researchers, practitioners – and that includes folks from governments but also people from online platforms – to really critically engage with the question of what AI in online spaces is doing to democracy. If the way that news or […]

Hospice care | Marley House tour | Good Samaritan Society

Hello my name is Katie Osbourne I’m the administrator here at the Marley house. Let me give you a brief tour. So this is our nurse’s station here at the Marley house. All of our nurses complete all of their charting and directly behind them is the medication room. So anybody who is here at […]

CARTA: Imagination: Maurice Bloch-Human Society as a Consequence of Human Imagination

(soft piano music) – [Narrator] We are the paradoxical ape. Bipedal. Naked. Large-brained. Long the master of fire, tools, and language, but still trying to understand ourselves. Aware that death is inevitable. Yet, filled with optimism, we grow up slowly. We hand down knowledge. We empathize and deceive. We shape the future from our shared […]

LGBT+ society | Abertay University

I’m Kat, I’m the President of the society, and I use she/her pronouns. The society, it’s mainly about representation, and it’s about having support. One of the things we really enjoy doing is going to different Prides and being able to be a community and have that representation that shows you’re accepted. I’m Lo, I’m […]

Woman Found Potential Father Through DNA Testing (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. -Hello, Your Honor. -Hello. This is a case of Luttrell v. Leaks.Thank you so much, Jerome. Good day everyone. [audience] Good day. Ms. Luttrell, you filed your case because you say after a lifetime of confusion of not knowing who your biological father is and receiving no help from your mother, […]

The Remnant Pt 3 Recap – The Family Tree

What is the root? It represents the patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… Guys like that. What are the natural branches that Paul refers to? Those refer to the Jews. What are the wild olive shoots? They are Gentiles, non-Jews And then the olive tree as a whole represents the people of God that’s a very […]