TSP’s Society Ka जासूस

This story is about a small intelligence agency based in Amrutara society. Whose aim is not to kill Osama, But, to investigate in bachelors house the party is going on? where are the girls going? and who is staying in a livin relationship with the girls? this is the limit of the agency. Come lets […]

When you take the game too far – Hide and Seek

Whoa! Adam – how long have you been in there? When did we start playing? Start playing – playing what? Hide and seek! Hide and Seek? dude, we started playing hide and seek Do you guys want to play hide and seek? YES!! Actually I don’t want to Oooo they’re never gonna find me in […]

Rowan could literally be a soundboard – Being a Rowan

Hey Alan, I was just wondering did we have – *Annoying shushing noise* Dude you don’t have to be such a Rowan. I wasn’t being a Rowan. You are being a Rowan I was being a little bit of a Rowan What’s being a Rowan? You know when you’re being a massive dick that’s being […]

Sneaky clauses in work contracts – Keys

Alan? yeah? pick up my keys uhhh No Alan pick up my keys, Yeah no Rowan Um, I’m not gonna do that Sorry I’m not asking you – I’m telling you to pick up my keys Rowan I feel like this is your kind of situation Actually you kind of got yourself – Sorry. Sorry […]